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Races In Depth

Jan. 18, 2003 - Bermuda 10k - 32:57 (4:42.75 / 5:07.76 / 5:23.55 / 5:15.88 / 5:34.17 / 5:41.34 / 1:11.91  I knew I was not in great 10k shape but figured why not give it a go and see what I can come out with.  It started out, with Christian Hesch and I running together through first mile in 4:42, I decided to back off a bit and let him go.  So I ran solo for the next mile in 5:07, and then Sharif Karie caught up to me, and we ran together for next few miles until he pulled away.  We went through 5k in 15:38, then along North shore road went 5:15, and 5:34 for fourth and fifth mile, respectively.  We caught Eulid Kesio from Kenya in the 5th miles and ran with him.  So the three of us worked together, and approaching the toughest part of the course the last two miles all uphill.  I was spent heading up hill so they began to pull away from me, leaving to run along, then all of a sudden Mike Donnelly who wasn't feeling good, starts running with me.  He began walking up the hill and said if he didn't see me, he would have walked all the way in for the next mile.  It was a relief having someone to run with although the hill was still kicking my butt.  I knew fellow good friend Jay Donowa was in great shape and was stronger than me if it came down to the end.  So I had to hold pace or he would catch me.  I was fortunate enough to hold pace and held him off before he could catch me.  Thanks to Donnelly keeping me focused, it would have been much tougher alone. 


Jan.17, 2003 - Bermuda Front Street Mile - 4:28.92. (61 / 2:05 / 3:12 / 4:28).  It was a bit windy out and it would hit us on the turnaround toward the finish.  As we start Leonard Mucheru and Kenneth Maiyo darts out to the front and fly through 400m in 54 seconds.  Jamie Thei is next in line to follow.  Then it is a pack of myself, Christian Hesch, Brent Purin and Sharif Karie next in line.  We start to thin out approaching the 800m mark, with Hesch leading the way, and me to follow.  The lead pack from what I heard hit 800m in 1:59 and we were 2:04 - 2:06.  Hesch kept moving, I began to feel the same heaviness kick in, so all I could do was try to hold pace, I could see Hesch picking them down, wishing I could have gone with him.  James Thei has now caught Mucheru going through 1200m, and they are running together.  Hesche has passed Maiyo and I come through 1200m in a slow 3:12.  Sharif Karie has now caught me and I try going with him, but am unable to.  We approach 200m to go, and i can see the battle up front.  I make one more attempt to catch Karie, but am unsuccessful.  James Thei won and Hesch nipped Mucheru for second at the line.  See results.


Nov. 28, 2002 - Ashenfelter 8K - 25:45 (5:06.54 / 5:11.20 / 5:09.52 / 5:17.49 / 5:00.12).  It was about 30 degrees out with a wind chill of 23 degrees.  Not the weather I like.  Anyway, the race went out with a few guys taking it hard the first 400m, I felt comfortable so I went with it, with a feeling they would drop off pace.  One of the guys stayed with me, (Joe Jacobs) we went through the first mile in 5:06, as they had the clock at 4:06, I only wished I had that speed right now.  But yelled to them they were a minute off, and they were able to change it for everyone else.  After first mile, I could still feel Joe on my heels, and I knew there was no sub-25 mins. today with this weather and how I was feeling.  So I figured to run hard for 3 miles and cruise in the last 2 miles, if I could.  I distanced myself from Joe going through 2 miles in 10:17, and then a little more through 3 in 15:27.  I felt comfortable through 3 miles and kept surging, but knew I was going to feel the last mile.  So I just tried to maintain, looking back and seeing I had a comfortable lead on Joe.  We looped back past the start/finish line and the crowd was going crazy cheering, it helped me to gain a little more momentum to pick it up.  Joe was still within striking distance and if he felt great could catch me.  I approach the 4 mile mark is shock to realize it read 5:17, without hesitating, I dug down and picked it up one more time.  But when I looked back, it seemed as if Joe had gained some distance on me, so my time may have been correct and he was gunning after me.  It was about 800m to the finish, and I knew he could catch me now, but I still wanted to stay in my 5:10 per mile pace range, I set out after going through the first mile.  I finished in 25:45, and a last mile of 5:00 flat.  I chatted with Joe after the race, we actually did a nice long cool down together and come to find out he is from the next town over from me in Butler.  In speaking to few other people, they said the 4th mile was a bit off; I wasn't the only one who it scared.  I didnt think I slowed that much, and thought 5mins was a bit fast for my last mile, although it is just shy of a mile, being an 8k, and not 5 miles.  This may be my last road race for a bit, so I can prepare for indoor track.