Terrance Armstrong Running Page

Height:          5' 9"
Weight:         150 lbs
Birthday:       October 2nd, 1971
Residence:    Pompton Lakes, NJ.
Citizenship:   Bermuda
Education:     Rider University: Lawrenceville, NJ. 
Events:          1500m / Mile / 5000m (eventually)
Coach:           Myself / Wife
Sponsors:      The Ridgewood Running Company
Well, where should I begin, my running career started really late.  I lived my whole life in Bermuda, growing up all around sports, not quite sure what sport in particular I wanted to concentarte on, so I continued to do them all.  From basketball, field hockey, rugby, squash, badmitton, volleyball, cricket, and soccer - were to name just a few that I had varsity lettered in.  I just loved sports in general. 
In Primary school, I really loved soccer and cricket.  Running was okay and really find anything interesting about it.  As you can see it wasn't my forte at the time.  So heading into high school, I still had the love for soccer and cricket, and having two brothers (Uel & Ed, jr.), who had been attending school in the U.S., basketball, soon took a liking to me as well.  In Bermuda it wasn't too bad, the average height was 5'10", so I fit in, but I knew it wouldn't go much farther.  In gym, we always would have to run this 3 mile loop before we would do anything in gym.  I pretty much ran it as hard as I could so I could get back and have fun playing other sports in gym.  Not realizing I was getting better at it, by my 2nd year of H.S., my gym teacher had noticed I was leaving everyone behind.  So he had me run cross country in inter-school sports.  This was the race that got me hooked, if not for it, I probably wouldn't be doing it today.  Thanks to my life long friend (Jay Donawa), who talked to me the whole race.  As kids, you know how fast they go out.  He and I went out conservatively, he said don't worry, they'll come back, so I patiently waited, and felt cool ,now that this guy is speaking to me.  And everyone knew who Jay was, he was the Said Aouita of running back then.  So now as he moved up, I would go with him, we passed people standing still, and then it was only him and I with only 150 meters to go.  I put on a little spurt, as I wouldn't call it a kick, and he fell back, then I realized I couldn't hold that for the whole way to the finish.  So as I settled he came up on me and passed me, and then with 50 meters to go, I gave it one more and just out leaned him to win my first race ever, and to this day, will never forget that race, as it began my running carrer.
I would go on to graduate from school in Bermuda, then attend school in New Jersey, in hopes of getting recruited to college.  My first love was still soccer, so I had hoped to play soccer and still run cross country.  The school had not won a soccer game in over 5 years so they dropped the program.  So to running it was, and through this obtained a full ride to Rider College, in NJ.  I left H.S. with pb's of 1:58 - 800m; 4:07 - 1500m; 4:26 - 1600m; 9:45 - 3200.
Under the care of Coach Mike Brady, it took some time, but I developed slowly coming from running basically when I felt like it to running 50 to 60 miles a week.  I adjusted to the training and different coaches and ended up running 3:46 -1500m; 4:09 - mile; 8:56 - steeple, by time I graduated.
Anything after college, you can check out my Running Resume.