Race Summary


February 11, 2007 - NYRRC Bronx Half-Marathon - 1:13:19

13.1mi - (5:41.73 / 5:36.68 / 5:34.73 / 5:45.20 / 5:39.53 / 5:32.99 / 5:25.19 / 5:29.95 / 5:27.61 / 5:35.53 / 5:45.18 /5:30.79 / 5:39.36 / 34.90)

Another cold morning of around 18 degrees, with the wind-chill making it a bit cooler..  Ran for 20mins to try to get the blood flowing, but the cold went right though you..  My plans for today's tempo were to get going hopefully in the area of 5:45/mi pace and try to maintain for the first half or the race, and then hopefully try to get it down to 5:35/mi pace for last 4 to 5 miles..  The race started and was up among the leaders, and was on target after first mile, feeling comfortable and not pressing the next mile was a bit faster, and thought about backing down, and thought if this feel comfortable why not try to get to 10 miles under 56 mins, and see if can hold on...  The next mile was in the wind and I was in a pack that got me through although I was pulling them, as they tucked behind me..  The 4th mile started to head back to where the race started and had a few climbs and decided to actually back down a bit and let a few of the guys go, running alone for the next few miles, began to get a rhythm going and by the 6th mile we were right by the start and the sun actually felt pretty warm.. I saw one guy just ahead of me, so I figured why not give it a go and see if I could slowly close on him, just before the 7th mile he was reachable and got on his shoulder, he dragged me along passing a few guys, dropping my pace way below what I wanted but I was going to hang on for as long as I could now - with just over 5 miles to go.. We were clicking off around 5:30/mi pace, I knew it would catch up to me, but was enjoying the ride for now..  We caught the second place guy at around 9, and I began to feel it a bit, so backed down a bit and let him go for now..  After 10 miles he was still right there, but figured I would just maintain now, as 3rd place was pretty much locked in....  Was pleased with the day as I expecting with where my fitness was to average in the area of 5:40mii/ pace - but ended up averaging 5:35/mi pace...


January 21, 2007 - NYRR Manhattan Half-Marathon - 1:16:27.00

13.1mi - (5:58.44 / 6:02.91 / 5:52.09 / 5:49.52 / 5:51.21 / 5:49.78 / 5:37.45 / 5:55.17 / 5:47.79 / 5:45.85 / 5:46.15 / 6:00.54 / 5:32.32 / 39.46)

It was so cold out, 20 degrees, and then with the wind-chill into the teens..  Wasn't sure why I was out here, but reminded myself this is only a tempo run and to take it for what it was worth, and try not to become too competitive and stay in control the whole way..  I started some ways back, but not too far - I had to sort through a few people just to get going, but it did allow me to stay a bit warmer mingled in with everyone at the start..  The first mile, everyone was trucking along, and I tried to remain patient as I knew it was a long way, and wanted to stay within myself for the first few, before I began to drop the pace a bit after around 4 miles or so.. I could see the leaders pulling away, actually saw Fouzi within that group as well..  We could meet up throughout the season, most likely in the 20km in March, when my racing season really begins...  By 4 miles, I had gotten in a little rhythm, or as close to one as it could feel with the cold weather and warming up..  I dropped down to 5:50's for a few and thought I could stay there for a little while, starting to pick people off..  Right after the 6th mile, going into the 7th, I saw someone a good ways ahead and figured to pick it up and catch them to see if I'd recover, I hit that mile in 5:37, passing them on the uphill out back of 102nd transverse..  I got a bit nervous, as thought that was too hard too soon, although I would slow back down, the real worry was would this haunt me at the end with 2 to 3 miles to go..  So I got back into my stride and hit 5:55 for the 8th mile, and squeezed it down a bit to try to get back to 5:50's, as I wanted to try to get down to 5:45's for a few at the end to finish..  I was able to do just that and still felt within like I was running within myself and not exerting too much effort; for the 9th, 10th and 11th mile, I was able to click off 5:47, 5:45, and 5:46, respectably for them, then the next mile was up cat hill which I wasn't surprised to see my split on that of 6 mins, and then with the long straight I was able to catch a few more people and finish strong with my fastest mile through the last mile in 5:32 to finish..  Overall pretty happy to see that I am able to average 5:49's right now, only 3 weeks back into running and slowly going to use these races as workouts for motivation throughout the winter..


November 5th, 2006 - NYC Marathon - 2:30:23

26.2mi. (5km splits) -  (17:30 / 34:24 / 51:23 / 1:08:31 / 1:12:16 (HM) / 1:26:15 / 1:43:17 / 2:01:40 / 2:21:38 / 2:30:23)

I was a bit overwhelmed with everything going on, from staying in the city the night before the race to see sop many foreigners here - it was so surreal!  The morning of the race, I woke up thinking I can't believe it's here, and told myself, just another long run, just 10km further than I am used to going..  I wasn't sure if I should eat a lot or not too much, as we had to meet for the buses at 6:30am.  I had a bagel and a banana, drank so much fluids the night before and all morning.  On the bus, I had another banana and a bagel and a Powerbar harvest bar, figured still had 3 hours before the start why not..  Our buses had a police escort right out to Staten Island, to the start and we have our separate staging area right next to the Elite runners, which was pretty cool..  Sat around for a bit and relaxed indoors, when came time to get going warmed up for a bit and stretched..  We were taken to the start where we were on the other side of the bridge dividers from the elite - I actually toed the starting line, it was unbelievable, no one in front of me, but wide open spaces..  After the National Anthem the canon starts and we are off....

The start is uphill on the bridge, so I didn't want to push too much and it showed hitting my first mile in 6:04, then I thought about running conservative in the 6mins/mi area, and that soon left my brain, and decided to get right into the mix, but be smart about it..  Second mile split was 5:14, whoa, had to put on the brakes there, and then hit 5:37, which was perfect pace, on my 3rd mile..  Started to get into a rhythm now and feeling comfortable, and started clipping off 5:25's for next seven miles..  Both side of the start met up right around 8 miles, and there was Joe McVeigh, I figured he would not steer me wrong with pace and I would run with him until I couldn't any longer..  I told him I was looking to run 2:30 and he looked at me and said "you are running suicide pace right now, you are on pace for 2:24".  I said I pay for it later, but as long as I am not overdoing it and feel comfortable, I am going to ride with it...  Then we got back on to 5:30's for the next few miles still feeling okay and not pressing anything, for some odd reason I was getting nervous about feeling this good, and I knew I would feel it in the end,. but if I got a bit ahead of pace now, at least with positive splits it won't be as bad..  It wasn't until the Queensboro bridge that my split fell back, that incline was a bit rough, and hit 5:55 for that mile.  Coming down the other side of bridge we got right back on pace and hit 5:25 for the 16th mile.  This is where I saw the family, that made me feel great to see them, I tried not to get too excited, but Joe made sure the pace would not slip and he kept us honest as we hit mile 16 and 17 at 5:29, and 5:31, respectively.  At this point, I am starting to feel the strain just a little bit, and I continued to feel a little twitch in my calf, which kept coming and going - never really developed into a cramp which I was worried about, and happy about it up until this point..  This is where I realized I still had another 8 miles to go and began to tense up and the first cramp set in, so I had to slow to work it out..  Joe encouraged me, but there was nothing I could do to maintain, this mile slowed to 5:58, and the next two miles weren't any better as I also ran a 5:58 for them, I started thinking if I could hold on to at least 6 mins a mile for the last 4 miles I'd still run under 2:29.  Then the cramps came on stronger and had to slow even more to allow them to work out, and hit 6:09 for the 23rd mile which I believe was up 5th Ave, if it wasn't a hill there it sure felt like one.  The crowds were unbelievable at this point right before you go into Central Park..  I just could not believe I was feeling like this, I wanted to pick it up but my body would not allow me to do so..  I had never felt like this ever before, in my worse bonked race, nothing could ever compare to how I was feeling right now..  Two miles to go, I was trying so hard, and the cramps were sp bad in my calf that I had to stop to work them out..  I knew this was bad, I tried to not let myself give in..  I hit 6:45 for the 24th mile into Central Park, and hoped for a better feeling once I got into Central park, and although I wanted to go faster I would and then have to slow to avoid cramping..  I then had to stop two more times in the 25th mile, but able to get going very quickly soon after - hitting 6:24 for this mile - and knew if i could gather up and run at least a 6min/mi for my last mile I'd break 2:30..  One mile to go, I saw the family once again, this time, there was no smiling just a little wave in hopes I could make it to the finish line...  Soon after passing them, I had to stop again, and the crowd went nuts!!  They were giving me every piece of encouragement to keep on going, but I had to stop and stretch out the calf cramps again...  I soon got going, but not too quickly, and a few more runners would pass me, that I passed around 16 to 18 miles..  I could see John Clemens (an old buddy from the Enclave days), just up ahead, so i gave one more push and dug down but still could not get the body moving much faster, but I guess John was slowing faster than I was, as I was not really picking up the pace..  I caught him with half a mile to go, and tried to open it up..  I felt the calf cramp come on again, I got on my toes and tried to get it out by running through it as I did not want to stop in the last straight away of the finishing chute.  I ran through the cramp and hit the 26th mile mark with a split of 6:26, I could see the finishing clock just up ahead, and the time was a ticking away, 2:30 finally clicked over and I just said to myself get across the line now with my last 400m just under 90 seconds...  WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!!  I crossed the line and bent over, and gathered myself for a bit and walked through, in disbelief that I had completed my first marathon!!!  

I will take a few weeks and slowly get back going again as Bermuda's May 24th half Marathon is just 6 months away!!!


October 8th, 2006 - LBI 18-Miler - 1:42:26

18mi - (5:45.34 / 5:40.09 / 5:21.56 / 6:02.99 / 6:04.30 / 5:35.54 / 5:45.98 / 5:42.24 / 5:46.49 / 5:44.06 / 5:59.27 / 5:21.52 / 5:37.61 / 5:40.65 / 5:37.85 / 5:37.88 / 5:37.82 / 5:25.10)

With the rain and winds gusting the day before, didn't expect much on the day of the run, but the skies cleared and the winds calmed down just a bit, but still had to run the whole island into a head wind which was going to be tough.  Was able to get a nice 3 mile warm-up in to the start line, as I was intending to complete a 22-miler today in total.  The race started out with Joe McVeigh getting right after the pace, I settled into a pack with intentions of running 6mins/mile for the first few, and gradually picking it up.  Tim Mulligan was in the pack with me, and we both had the same intentions with a good size pack.  But after 800m into it, I figured why not get up there and run with Joe for at least 10 miles and see what happens.  After gradually picking it up and getting through the first mile in 5:45, I was still a bit nervous, but kept after it, as Joe was not slowing, but still getting gradually faster, caught up to him just around mile 2, and that mile was 5:40 for myself.  I would say hello to him and let him know I was there, the next mile we would hit 5:22 and I got nervous, but if Joe was going to stay with it, I was going to go with him.  We were both uncertain of that mile split and decided to slow just a bit just to be safe, and would hit the next mile in just over 6mins.  Still not sure if the two would balance or if we slowed that much, so I just told Joe I was planning on trying to maintain 5:45's for at least 10 and see what happens and he was okay with that.  The next mile would be just over 6mins again, and decided to try to get back on 5:45 pace or somewhere near it.  About three quarters into mile 6, Joe would wish me well as he just wasn't feeling comfortable, and later as he told me he had run 3 races in a period of 10 days, one being the day before, so I could understand him feeling a bit off today.  I was either going to be alone the rest of the way, or someone would catch me around 12 and hopefully I could hang on.  But I was feeling pretty comfortable the majority of the way.  I had my water bottle filled with Gatorade with me the whole way, so I was able to stay hydrated well, also taking water throughout the race.  I would run on average 5:45's for the next few miles, and the spectators were great in keeping me going, but I was staying focused and in a nice rhythm.  At mile 11, it was a bit lonely and I think I had a mental lapse and fell off pace for a 6 min/mile, but realized it soon after and got right back into it.  I cruised the remainder of the way taking fluids and enjoying the police escort and sights.  Overall I was pretty impressed with how I felt considering how my training has been going up and down, with getting sick and loosing a lot of training, but I guess it's coming together when I need it to.  4 weeks left until NYC Marathon!!  This was actually just around 2 minutes faster than I ran here 3 years ago!!


September 17th, 2006 - Philly Half Marathon - 1:11:02

13.1mi - (5:15.03 / 5:11.55 / 5:20.00 / 5:21.34 / 5:23.45 / 5:19.19 / 5:24.87 / 5:26.57 / 5:32.01 / 5:27.82 / 5:33.78 / 5:31.77 / 5:30.24 / 35.24)

I was feeling a bit better heading into this race, than I did for the NY Half a few weeks ago.  Jay flew in for a debut at Philly and also traveling with Carlos Martins and Elliott Frieder, so I was bound to have someone to run with to get me going.  The race started with us being in the first corral which was the really the second behind the elite corral, so I really couldn't argue the fact I wasn't in the best shape I could be right now.   We all got out good, the leaders got out strong the first mile, while Elliott, Jay and myself kind of settled in, Elliot and I decided to try to work together for the first few miles, we hit the first mile together in 5:15, then picked up the second mile to 5:11, then for some  reason we just never got comfortable.  Not sure if it was the humidity making us feel this way, but we started clicking off 5:20's and 5:25's and never felt comfortable at all..  After mile 5, I needed to do something to try to get rolling, I just was not feeling good, so I decided to pick it up in anticipation of getting a rhythm going, it was stupid as it did nothing but take more out of my legs.  I was only able to just hold on and average 5:30's the rest of the way..


August 27th, 2006 - NYC Half Marathon - 1:14:41

13.1mi. - (5:20.8 / 5:17.33 / 5:37.15 / 5:33.51 / 5:37.87 / 5:51.89 / 5:46.96 / 5:47.29 / 6:30.79 / 11:08.19 / 5:55.41 / 5:37.40 / 38.34)

Well, I was hoping for a miracle and my ability would supersede my fitness level at this point.  But not the case today, felt very lethargic warming up and said I would try to run 5:30's for the first few miles in anticipation of feeling better and cruising at the end.   The race started and the leaders took it straight from the gun, I sat off a bit, but went the first few yards to get a momentum going..  First mile was a bit faster than I wanted but didn't feel like I was working too hard at the time, so said I would continue to cruise for another mile.  By then I figured it was not going to be pretty so I backed down a bit and the women's pack caught up to me heading into the third mile, I ran with them for just over a mile and even though we were running 5:30's (+) I still was not comfortable.  I stepped back yet again, and just could not find a comfortable rhythm to get it going, so at this point the race was out the door and was just going through the motions so to speak.  I was just getting swallowed up by runners left and right and there was nothing I could do.  At mile 5, I ran with Colleen and got her through the 6th mile while was mostly uphill in the park, she kept it going and I slowed it right back down.  Well, not anything to brag about, but some days you win some some days you loose, and today wasn't my day.  I will chalk this up as a good experience and learn from it, and look forward to a good one in Philly Half Marathon in a few weeks..


August 19th, 2006 - NYRRC Club Team Championships - 26:08

5 miles - (5:18.23 / 5:00.39 / 5:13.31 / 5:32.53 / 5:03.72)

First race back in close to three months and tried to keep it honest, but somehow the race and the second mile got the best of me and my game plan.  The race went off, and I made sure I was not up front with the leaders, I was hoping to hit the first mile in 5:10 to 5:15, but when I realized everyone started coming back who went out too fast for the day, I started to run a bit on the downhill second mile.  I actually caught up to Elliott and Carlos at around the second mile as I was 10:18, and sat with them through the middle of mile two, I would realize I was working too  hard and not running comfortable, and back down to get back in my zone.  In the midst of slowing to get back to my comfortable pace, everyone would start catching me, including a few running company runners such as (Ben) Cooke and (Eric) Post, I would run with them for a mile or so, and realize my conditioning was not there yet, which my 4th mile showed as we climbed cat hill and it took it's toll.  I hit 4 miles in 21 minutes and just tried to bring it in strong.  With a mile to go, I gradually picked it up and felt good and started picking off runners again and came across the line with a solid performance for myself.  I had hoped to run 26:40 (5:20 per mile) and was well ahead of it, so at least this is a beginning of preparation for NYC..


May 24th, 2006 - Bermuda Day Half Marathon Derby - 1:12:27

13:3 miles - (5:33.88 / 5:35.59 / 5:23.85 / 5:25.08 / 5:21.09 / 5:25.74 / 5:16.24 / 5:09.83 / 5:17.66 / 5:21.00 / 5:21.28 / 5:30.20 / 5:39.05 / 2:10.04)

Couldn't sleep last night so glad I was able to force myself to get good sleep the night before.  I was up almost every hour running to the bathroom, from trying to hydrate myself.  I believe after hitting the sack at 8pm, I fell asleep somewhere around 2am uninterrupted.  Well, I woke up at 6am to a beautiful morning, but could feel the humidity rising, had my cup of coffee and a banana sitting on my parent balcony enjoying the view of the sound.  I could feel the anxiety of just wanting to get the race started so the nerves would dwindle.  The drive up was more nerve wrecking than I imagined it would be.  The thought in the back of my mind of how my buddy Jay could possibly be feeling right now, due to rolling his ankle yesterday on his last easy run.  I couldn't fathom what he must be feeling, but his good wishes the morning of the race meant a lot to me.  My father drove my brother Ed and I to the field where we camp / hide out to avoid all the race talkers.  Ed had taken a year off from running to build his house and seems to be fitter than he realizes.  Although the humidity was getting high, I didn't feel as heavy as I thought I would during my 15 mins easy warm-up run.  So the signs were in the right place to have a good one.  Light jog over to the starting line 5 mins prior to the start, with Ed.  I squeezed on the front line, and they gave the signal and we were off...  I wanted to feel out the first mile, but after the first 400m or so, I felt okay with the weather that I could go with the game plan of 5:30's for the first few miles.  With the absence of Jay, and the uncertainty of Kavin conditioning, the Marshall brothers (Lamont and Larry, jr.) would be the ones pushing the pace up there with me.  Running smooth and comfortable with my water bottle in had, I got on pace for 5:30's and came through the first mile in 5:33, with the Marshall brothers getting right into their tactics as well.  One would sit in front, while the other jump either in front or along side of me.  To me they were wasting unnecessary energy that early, but I wasn't going to tell them that in a race I wanted to win, they are young and hopefully will develop into fine runners over the next year.  Cruising through mile 2 and 3 and it was just the three of us, with them continuously surging to the front and settling back, Lamont threw in a good size surge which opened up a 10 meter lead on us, with me not responding, he soon realized I wasn't falling into their tactics, and would continue to stay on my plan of 5:30's for the first few miles and dropping it ever so slightly to 5:20's and a bit more after 7 miles.  Hitting 5k at around 17 mins, and just allowing the Marshall brothers to continue doing their thing to try to drop me to tire me.  I was focused on my own race and so far was still able to stick to my first plan - I had temptation of stepping away from it, but knew it would only hurt me.  We came through 5miles in 27:19, which was the fastest mile so far in 5:21, for me the race was just beginning to develop and I was gearing for my next stage (Burnt House hill - 7 mile mark) - where I would like to increase the pace again coming off the hill.  The brothers were still doing their thing and hanging tough, they continued to push the up-hills, I would cruise along with them, and just roll off the crest into the downhill and force them to come with me.  Burnt House hill they slowed a bit and didn't push like the prior hill, so I figured to slow with them and cruise off the top.  They rolled with me, but before I knew it I only felt one on my shoulders, took a peek back and saw Lamont fading, so I would make one decisive move - Divide and Conquer was the tactic now.  Before you knew it - it had worked and with dropping a 5:09 mile, I was all alone cruising along Harbour Road - looking over to Hamilton.  Once I opened the gap and was all alone I wanted to get back to 5:20's to allow for a strong finish if I needed it.  Passing 10 miles in 53:49, I was in cruise control, and just a I let my guard down, felt a little twitch on the outside of my hamstring rolling down to my calf.  Tried not to get worried and just eased back a bit, took some water and stayed in control without working too hard.  Along my pace to slow back to 5:30 for mile 11, and then coming along Front Street, I had to slow even more knowing I had a few hills ahead of me, and trying not to think about what happened last year where I had to stop totally to stretch them out.  I felt like I was cooling down, because I had so much left to give, but I had to force myself to run slow.  I was ready to run a good one (time-wise) this year - the fitness leading up showed all the right signs of being able to run this years race any way it would develop.  Getting back to the race... I would turn past the bird cage on Front Street and with the new course finishing at Bernard's park, I would have to climb for the whole next mile to the Fire Station, so I took a deep breathe and took a quick look over my shoulder and saw one the brothers (assuming it was Larry, jr. - then came to soon find out Lamont bounced back, passed his brother and was on a mission for me), I knew nothing was secure and I would need to stay in control but relaxed to avoid full cramps kicking in.  I would make it through the continuously gradual climb from Front Street and would turn onto Cedar avenue, having to hold back even more.  To be heading downhill and to be this close and not be able to run strong to the finish was somewhat a disappointment, but I knew my main concern was to just get across the finish line first place, whatever it took!   I couldn't even feed of the cheering crowds who swarmed the streets to a narrow path (felt like I was in the Tour De France), I would continue and took one more look back and he was not in sight, so I knew I finally had it with just about a half mile to go..  That 13th miles was my slowest in 5:39, and would come through the half Marathon mark in 1:10:45.  I would cruise onto the finishing field and raise my hands for the first time, to cross the finish line for my 3rd consecutive victory.  This race meant a lot to me, as I knew of any of them, this was the best shape I had ever been in - and again look forward to surpass this again next year!  I feel I am still learning the race, but am at the point where I hoped to understand the distance before running my first full Marathon - wish me luck in NYC Marathon this fall!!

Honestly this year, many thanks to my lovely wife Marianne who sacrificed a lot for me to do this and of course my wonderful parents who spent 4 months out of their life to live with us and assist us in taking care of the kids, and last but not least, my company, Alfa Wassermann, for the awesome sponsorship opportunity they afforded me this year to be able to train and race with their assistance!!


May 7, 2006 - Broad Street Run - 49:52

10 mile - (4:50.28 / 5:02.95 / 5:02.56 / 5:03.73 / 4:57.91 / 5:04.39 / 5:02.62 / 5:00.54 / 4:58.99 / 4:48.03)

What a gorgeous day for a race in Philly, couldn't ask for better weather on the day.  Warmed up with Carlos Martins, Elliott Frieder, Lou Palma, and Tim Mulligan.  We had a solid group of guys running, and should challenge for the team title.  Was fully outfitted in my Alfa Wassermann gear this week as this is my last race until the Bermuda Day Half Marathon.  The race started at 8:30am, on a nice, cool morning, with the sun rising quickly.  I would go with the lead pack curious of how fast we were for the first mile, as the group was pretty large, so I figured everyone was sitting off for the first mile, as the first mile came into light, I could see the clock, 4:44, 4:45, 4:46...  I took a quick step back off the pace as I hit my first mile in 4:50, although I scared of knowing I would have to run solo as the next pack was a little ways back.  But smartly, I knew I could not maintain 4:50's the whole way, and would have blown up somewhere around midway had I tried the suicide pace for myself.  I backed off, and ran my next mile in 5:02, by myself still, I could see some stragglers falling off the leaders pack, so I began to aim for them.  I caught one guy and he wouldn't run with me, he went to the other side of the street, and I just kept plugging along, and said I would run my own race from here on through.  I would catch a few more runners before approaching the 3 mile mark in 14:55, and just continued staying in a rhythm of my 5 min/pace (approx).  I would hit 4 miles in 19:59, and could hear the crowd cheering for a 'Timmy' behind me, not worrying I just kept going, came through 5 miles in 24:57 and still feeling good and comfortable at the pace, soon after Tim Callinan would come up on me and said "let's go, we can catch them slowly if we work together".  Unfortunately, his pace was a bit more than I was doing and knew I couldn't jump into his pace and needed more time to get rolling - so I let him go and just continued to maintain my 5min/mile (approx).  I could see him ahead just pulling away and I was using him as a guidance but slowly he was picking people off and I knew it was time to get it rolling, so just after 6 miles (30:01), I would begin to press and squeeze the pace down slowly each mile.  I would catch Timmy's brother Teddy Callinan and another Philly Track club runner at 7 miles (35:04), and I could still see Timmy up ahead and I continued to use him as a gauge to catch.  I just started dropping each mile a little bit from then on.  Reaching the 8 mile mark in 40:04 and Timmy was not coming back as quickly as I thought he would, so I squeezed it down a bit more, and it seemed as if he was doing the exact same thing I was, as his lead would not diminish, I would hit 9 miles in 45:03, and with a mile to go, I would give it all I had - as I knew there was no sitting and kicking today, with seeing my time at 9 miles; I wanted not only to catch Timmy, but when I saw the clock at 45:03, I knew I had to run a 4:57 last mile or better to get under 50 mins.  As we crested the incline with half a mile to go, Timmy was coming closer, but he was still pressing as well to catch a guy in front of him, so we had the same idea.  I pushed one last time off the hill and with a quarter mile to go, I dropped the hammer for good and let it all go, and caught right up to Timmy at the line to finish 10th, and one second behind him, and a new Personal Best time in 49:52...


April 29, 2006 - NY Giants Draft Day 5km - 15:31.70

5km - (4:59:94 / 5:58.14 / 4:57.20 / 36.42)

Nice day out - almost perfect conditions, without the wind!  Met Carlos at the start, and figured it would be us working together then Carlos noticed Paul Mwangi on the line.  This was my first race with the company sponsored uniform on (Go ALFA WASSERMANN!!), so was hoping for a good performance.  Carlos, Paul and myself go straight to the front and Paul took the initial lead, so with the wind, Carlos and I played it smart and sat on Paul for most of the first mile.  I was in and out, along side of him, and tucking in and out as I felt bad he was taking the burden of the head wind for us.  But he would pick it up a bit when I would run along side of him, so I figured he wanted the lead and just sat back and enjoyed the ride for a little bit more.  We came through the first mile in 5 mins, with Carlos and myself still on the heels of Paul, we would look back past the start and head back out to the other side, and Paul and I would run side by side with Carlos right behind us, as we got to about the mile and a half, Carlos went to the front and I went with him, as Carlos realized Paul was faltering so we would take advantage and press the pace a bit.  Over the next quarter mile, we would soon drop Paul and it would be Carlos and myself working together shoulder to shoulder.  I could see the 2-mile mark and the clock was reading 9:41, 9:42...  I couldn't believe we had picked it up that much, but when we got to the marker it was at 9:58, which still wasn't bad, I figured since I was still feeling good, I would try to push it and let Carlos sit and we would be able to get under 15:30.  A quarter mile into it, Carlos faltered a bit, but still sitting a few strides off me, I figured he would catch himself and use this time to regather, but he stayed the same distance the remainder of the way.  As we entered the Stadium onto the Giants field, it was awesome I must add!!  There was no 3 mile marker, so I looked up as we came through the tunnel and the finish was straight ahead on the turf, I gave it a little surge to finish strong, as I was still feeling comfortable and not pressed.  I wish I had known what my 3rd mile was and I would have finished a bit stronger as I knew the course record is 15:29, I watched the clock as I got closer to the finish and there was nothing I could do, but run through the line strong...  I felt strong today, and hope this is an indication of things to come with Broad Street 10-miler next week, and then the half Marathon in just over 3 weeks away...


April 9, 2006 - Cherry Blossom 10k - 31:55.62

10km - (5:04.25 / 4:53.06 / 5:12.14 / 5:03.57 / 5:19.71 / 5:15.14/ 1:07.75)

After driving all around the park for 20 mins trying to find where the race actually started was pretty frustrating, but who could complain with such good weather to race in.  Felt pretty good during warm-up, and was happy to have legs back, legs haven't felt this good in a little while, with all the training decided I would step back last week to try to have a decent race.  Rob DeFilippis took the race out with Mykytok, Carlos and myself following in the first mile; I figured I would help out a bit and took the second mile, Carlos came up on my shoulder and helped press the pace for the second mile.  I am not sure if it was intentional, but we ended up dropping everyone else in that second mile (4:53 ~ not sure if accurate), then I made up my mind to keep the pace honest and figured Carlos and I would work together throughout.  After about a quarter mile into the 3rd mile, Carlos tucked in behind me and I said I would just run smooth, hitting 5:12 for the 3rd mile, not realizing Carlos had fell off the pace around the two and a half mile mark.  I had the stiff headwind alone to battle against the clock all the way home.  I was actually more interested in running a fast time today then placing.  I wanted to run in the area of 31:30, as I figured that is where my fitness should be right now.  Well, fighting the wind and trying to stay as smooth and comfortable as I can, hitting the 4th mile with what would be my slowest of all miles in the race (5:19).  I just decided not to fight the wind and just stay relaxed and let the race just come to me, because the more I dug down the harder it seemed to feel.  I realized where I was coming home as I had warmed up the last 2 miles of the course, so I could taste the finish line, or at least I knew I couldn't wait to get there..  It was an okay performance today, nothing great, but I can see the fitness level gradually getting better, and now I can start fine tuning the next two weeks, with no racing and fast workouts - hopefully!  Contemplating running Penn Relays 5000m, I have registered and will decided the Monday of the Thursday race.


April 1, 2006 - Building Tomorrows 5k - 15:52.14

5km - (4:48.19 / 5:14.82 / 5:02.63 / 36.50)

Warmed up with Dorian, was using race as a tune up for next weeks Cherry Blossom-10km.  Needed to get legs turning over to see how they would feel.  Dorian warmed up a few miles with me, and prepared for the start of the race.  The race started uphill which always throws me off as my pace is generally off due to trying to gauge the effort for first mile.  Of course, although it was where I wanted to be, just under 5mins, the effort I put in was far exceeded the actual time on the clock.  I was hurting a bit, but continued on and then had another incline at around one and a half and was never able to recover, so just mentally tried to stay in a rhythm and not think about how I was feeling.  I just cruised in the last mile and with not trying as hard was actually a pretty decent mile (5:02).  I had hoped to run 15:30, but knew I should be capable of running under 16 mins.  I totally under estimated this course, it was no joke with the hills.  My father also ran, so I went back to cheer Dorian and dad on, Dorian, who is only 14 years old had hoped to run under 19mins and ran 19:14 to finish 12th overall, which I thought was very good for the course, and also placed 3rd in his age group.  My Dad finished off the Armstrong trio with a solid performance at 66 years old, running 26:14, and finishing 2nd in his age category.  


March 5, 2006 - Newark Distance Classic 20km - 1:07:35

20km - (10k splits - 34:13 / 33:23) - (5k splits - 17:21 / 34:13 / 50:52 / 1:07:35)

Warmed up with the Fleet Feet crew, my new club affiliation now.  This event kicks off the first NJ Team competition and we are fielding a full team as I debut my first race as a member of Fleet Feet Sports, NJ. racing team.  The race would combine both the 5km and 20km at the start, and would run together for the first 3 miles.  The race begins and a nice pack forms with Carlos Martins, Fouzi, and some others, we would hit the first mile in around 5:23, as we make the run downtown Newark and head back to the start, going through the 2nd mile in 5:28.  We would all stay pretty close running through the first 5km in around 17:20, heading up hill.  I felt pretty reserved heading up the hill and wanted to open the race up a bit, when I saw the 3rd mile was around 6mins, but I am glad that I did not, as the wind would have kicked my butt out there all by myself, and later in the race when a split seemed way off, Carlos mentioned to me the mile markers were off - but the total course is accurate.  So, I decided to run for place, as opposed to time as the wind was in charge today, and you really couldn't measure your pace with the markers off.  Heading into the park, it was Carlos, Fouzi and myself.  Carlos and I would do most of the pacing, as Fouzi would just sit back and allow us to block the wind.  I didn't really care to sit and kick or play cat and mouse, I have been training by myself up to now so I just put myself in that mental mode of me being out there in the wind plugging along.  The rolling hills in the park were putting a beating on me with the combination of the wind, I would continue to take the pace with Carlos, we would head through the 10k, in 34:13, with Fouzi still just sitting.  This continued all the way to the turn around at the end of the park and as we were heading back, a strong gust hit me, and threw me off a bit.  I had to slow and re-gather myself, Fouzi realized the pace had slowed and would take the lead for the first time for a brief test to see if Carlos and I would go with him.  If he had continued, he could have easily dropped me, as I need more time to get my rhythm back.  He pulled away by a step or two, Carlos said don;t let him go, so I went with Carlos and we came right back up on Fouzi's shoulder, and then we hit another incline and he would press again, and I said I am not letting go, I went with him and Carlos followed.  After about 400m of this, he practically stopped so that he would fall back and not lead any longer.  I took the pace from here, slowed just enough to allow myself and Carlos to get back into the rhythm and rolled right along.  We would continue to run all together as we approached the 11mile mark heading out the park, I could feel Carlos' urge to want to press the pace and try to drop Fouzi, but I knew if I went this soon, I would not be able to maintain for 1.4 miles  The pace did quicken a bit, as Carlos kept the pace honest, and with just around three quarters of a mile to go, we were all side by side heading up the incline before the long downhill.  There was a half mile to go marker and as soon as we hit that Fouzi would increase the pace yet again to try to drop us, I would go with him, and Carlos followed behind, I would run right beside Fouzi and match every move he made and Carlos decided not to race down the hill, and just cruised in.  I would continue and with just about 150m to go, I would pick the pace up just a bit to see if Fouzi could stay with it, he did just that, and with 100m to go, we were both practically going after it and I had just that bit more and pulled in front and won by a second.  That was a steep hill to race down, we'll see from a recovery standpoint how beat up my legs will be...  We would win the team title as every raced well... Carlos would finish 3rd; Jesus - 4th; Elliott - 7th; Jonathan - 24th; and Oliver 26th...


February 25, 2006 - Al Gordon Snowflake 4-miler - Central Park - 20:20

4 mi - (5:01 / 5:02 / 5:12 / 5:05)

Not quite ready for a quick one, had been speaking to Elliott Freider of possibly trying to run 5:10/mi, which still in my opinion seems faster than my ability at the moment.  But realistically, putting myself in the race my competitive edge would come to the front.  And so it did, with the leaders taking the first mile out in 5:00, I knew I would not be able to maintain, and I could feel like I was wide open and way in over my head.  But I just said stay with it through 2 miles, get a breather and try to finish.  A mile and a half into it, the pack began to dissipate and I was hanging on for dear life at this point, we hit two miles in just over 10 mins, I tried to stay within myself, but began to fade and drop off the pace.  I just tried not to ease off too much, and something I try not to do too often, is think about the last mile.  I approach 3 miles in around 15:15 and a few guys are closing on me, two guys catch me and I run with them for the next half mile, they both kept throwing in surges and I just tried to hang in there and knew they could carry me if I could just stay with them in hopes when I see the finish I would have that last spurt.  I moved temporarily to the front and pressed the pace with half a mile to go, and we dropped one guy, the other guy stayed with me and we ran side by side, and I tried to play surge and drop with him and it played into his hands, I had used too much energy doing so, with about 400m to go, I would attempt one last move which he fell off a bit, but I was unable to hold that pace for the whole 400m, so with 200m to go, he would come back even with me, and with 100m to go, he moved and I could not respond, and all I could do was finish strong to hold off the finishing kick of the guy behind me.  


January 22, 2006 - Frosbite 10-mile race - Central Park, NYC - 55:07

10 mi - (5:31 / 5:53 / 5:20 / 5:49 / 5:29 / 5:27 / 5:24 / 5:21 / 5:26 / 5:21)

This was more of a solid steady state run, to get more interacted with other runners.  Thursday, I had just did my mid-week steady state 10mile tempo in 59mins solo, but figured I could try to run 5:30's with people around me.  The race went out with the leaders in around 5:30 or just under up front, It felt too fast for me, so I had to back off and get comfortable as this would be an ugly and long race if I tried too much to soon.  I slowed to nearly 6mins for my next mile to recuperate, then found a pack of guys who started back a ways and were slowly moving up, and figured this would be my best bet to try to stay relaxed and run with them.  We hit the next mile in around 5:20, and I actually felt okay, we would then slow the following mile as we settled in a pack for a bit.  Not too much after that mile, when we realized how much we had slowed did the pace quicken again.  Right on 5:30 for this mile, couldn't have played better in my favor allowed me to recuperate again as I almost felt rejuvenated.  I would then take the pace a bit to help them out, we have now become a pack of three and we would be dodging and weaving past runners who are paying the price of too much too soon.  I would take the pace from mile 7 and just keep pressing the pace down a bit, as I was starting to feel pretty good.  I could see 3rd and 4th place up ahead with only 2 miles to go.  We would catch 4th place heading over the hill in mile 8, and I would continue to press, as the guys running with me would soon drop off a bit.  Heading into mile 9, I could see the 3rd place guy, I would come up along side of him just after mile 9, and still would not settle, but still continued to press and would not allow him to re-gather and continued on to finish 3rd.  To my disbelief, my last mile was one of my fastest and I felt strong finishing..


May 24, 2005 - Bermuda National Half Marathon Derby - 1:14:39

13.2 mi - (5:39 / 5:40 / 5:35 / 5:25 / 5:22 / 5:27 / 5:31 / 5:21 / 5:37 / 5:18 / 5:41 / 5:42 / 6:13 / 2:00)

I would go out very conservative this year, knowing I only began real preparation for this late March, and I would not be as strong as I was the last two years.  I vowed I would not run faster than 5:30's for the first 7 miles if I could control it.  Jay would take the race out from the gun and push the pace as he later stated he felt this was his only option if he wanted to win the race, he didn't want to sit like last year.  I made sure I was going to stick to my plan, as I would hit 5:40's for first few miles, knowing Jay was pulling more and more away, I would not panic, as I knew I would be bale to close stronger than I started and I needed to run my own race at least for the first half.  Behind me were Kavin Smith and the Marshall brother, as they worked together and would keep me in range to close on me at any given time.  After last year, no one knew what to expect from the race this year, but Jay separated the field from the gun and never looked back, making everyone run their own race and he was going to be the one to catch this time.  Staying comfortable, taking water, I slowly began to get antsy as the crowds get you so into it, and you hear people saying, "Jay is gone, you'll never get him, this is his year!" and "Those socks worked last year, not this year, you got lucky, you won't win today!"  I just kept moving and staying focused with the mix of emotions going on, some cheering, some putting me down, heading into the third mile, I could see Jay up in a distance and he was pushing still, I said if I can get through this mile comfortable, maybe I will begin to drop the pace slowly.  Well, I hit the fourth mile, 10 second drop, still felt comfortable and the crowd still sheering me on, and telling me is just around the bend.  I was in no hurry to press the issue and catch Jay, he had his plan and I had mine, and I wasn't going to let the crowds get the best of me, and make me go too soon.  Moving into the 5th mile, I tried to maintain, as I began to see Jay, and it seemed he would be coming back to me a bit.  I still wasn't about to get too excited, and had to stick to my plan.  By now I am in a rhythm and I am knocking off just under 5:30's moving along, and I notice Jay getting even closer.  I figured if I was to catch and run with him for a while to settle and re-gather, I would need to do it soon as we are approaching the hill next to the Princess and didn't want to press it too hard.  Unfortunately, the hill came sooner than I thought, and Jay was still moving along, as he was stronger on the hills than I was, so I had to let him go a bit in hopes of catching him just atop the hill and before Burnt House Hill, which is around the mid-point of the race.  Just before Burnt House hill, I would pull even with Jay and we would run together for a bit before approaching Burnt House Hill.  We would run the hill together as I wasn't about to make any bold moves on a hill, still running 5:30's, as we crest the hill and roll off, I just let the hill carry me and pull me down, and to my surprise I had moved ahead of Jay by a few steps.  Right now I also needed a boost of energy, and would fight for more than a quarter mile to get my 'GU' gel from my back pouch of my shorts.  I thought Jay was still on my shoulder for most of the time, so I pressed just a tiny bit for a half a mile and would settle back into it soon after.  That I did, Jay had let me go to re-gather in hopes he would come strong later on and close back up on me.  Just around the 8 mile mark, my brother Ed, yelled to me, they are coming hard, Marshall has dropped Kavin and is closing on Jay fast and is on his way to you.  Of all the times I needed not to get excited I did and panicked, I would begin my press the pace hard from here, which I had plans of doing the last 5km.  But the thought of feeling comfortable made me think I really needed to go now or never.  I would drop the 9th mile in 5:18, my fastest mile and then I would settle back in as I would not be able to hold this to the finish, last year maybe, but given then simple fact I wasn't in the same shape as last year, I had to be smart and run smart.  I would run comfortable coming into Town as the crowds would be bigger than ever heading into Hamilton, I had to stay focused.  I Was also dying and began to feel a cramp in my side coming in, and I needed to work it out, so it was perfect I had opened up a lead of this magnitude as I had time to recuperate and work this out.  I was trying to stay calm and not panic, because the first thing that came to my mind is that I am dehydrating, and I will never forgot what that feels like.  So I slowed down tremendously, in order to allow myself to recover, I would spot my brother Ed, with a water bottle - almost too perfect of timing, as I needed it very bad!  I would take as much water as my body would allow without doing too much too soon which would even worsen a side cramp and stomach.  Coming along Front Street, I just couldn't wait for the turn around the bird cage, so I would be able to see if I needed to pick it back up or if I would be bale to stay relaxed and finish like this.  As I approached "The Beach" nightclub on Front Street, I would pass Jay heading down for the turn around and figured I had a substantial enough lead to try to maintain and if I needed to make another move I would be able to as well.  The side cramps would lessen as I would pass through the 12th mile in 5:42.  Heading out of town and up the hill towards the Arboretum and National Stadium, I knew I would have to be careful on the down-hills, if not the legs would be next, and before I could even think it - it happened, my quad's would begin to tighten and cramp, so I had to hold back on the down-hills and the up-hills would feel better on the legs.  Then I knew I had the long downhill before heading into the Stadium, and as I approached the hill I braced myself, but could not prevent the inevitable, both quads would cramp and I would have to stop at the bottom of the hill to stretch them out.  I would run a bit more and they would still hurt, so I stretched on more time, at this point I am actually less than 600m from the finish line.  I needed to run over one more hill and down into the Stadium finish.  It was over, but I have to wonder if that 9th mile hurt of help me, had I not did that would I have had the distance on the field to be able to stop and stretch, or if I had not run that 5:18 and panicked would I have been able to finish stronger and not had the cramps at all.  I'll never know, but I have to enjoy the moment of winning this race of my abbreviated training this year and to have won it twice in a row!


May 1, 2005 - Broad Street Run - 50:45

10 mi - (5:01.2 / 5:10.1 / 5:06.8 / 5:14.1 / 4:55.3 / 5:05.1 / 5:02.7 / 5:06.0 / 5:07.0 / 4:56.1)

Pretty solid race, tried to run as even as possible.  Jay flew in for the weekend, we spent the previous day at Penn Relays, enjoying the events.  The race started off with a nice pack of around 10 of us, just tried to stay comfortable in a zone - a few Kenyans took off on their own.  Jay was in the pack up through 5 miles which we hit at 25:27, then we started to file away a few, as the pace quickened through the 5th mile.  I believe it was done intentionally to see who would go with it.  I worked with two guys for the remainder of the next few miles, one pulled away a bit and we would continue playing fartlek, and with 2 miles to go, he made another bold move which we could not counter, and I opened it up my last mile and separated myself from one and chased the guy who got away but came up a bit short in catching him, and finished my last 5 miles in 25:18.  Not a bad race in preparation for May 24th, and considering the late start.


May 24, 2004 - Bermuda National Half Marathon Derby - 1:14:39

13.2 mi - (5:54 / 5:20 / 5:13 / 5:20 / 5:30 / 5:36 / 5:49 / 5:30 / 5:48 / 5:30 / 5:47 / 5:50 / 5:42 / 1:44)

A bunch of mixed feeling heading into the race race day.  I had the worst sleep of my life last night, but still felt ready to go, the anxiety was running through my body.  I actually woke up before Nathan today, I was up at 5:30am and stretched and relaxed a bit.  The race was starting at 9:30am, Bermuda is on Atlantic time so one hour ahead of Eastern Time.  I was nervous, not really for the race and the competition, but just to know how my body would deal with the humidity and heat after 7 miles.  I just wanted to race to start and get going, so the nerves would dissipate.  They called us all to the line, I could see my buddy Jay, as I embraced him wishing him all the best, hoping the race would come down to the two of us.  I stay in the shaded area until the race begins. 

We are off, other competitors rush out to the front, I sit patiently taking my time, not really worrying about time in this race.  Kavin Smith was the returning champion and looking for his 6 straight title and Jay and I had hopes of taking that away from him.  I told myself I will run just off of Kavin's shoulder the whole race, in hopes of feeling good the last 5k and I would try to take it from there in if I felt confidant I could do that.  Well, Kavin decided to feel Jay and I out as well, so no one really took the first mile, we hit it in 5:54, and without hesitation Kavin puts in a huge surge and takes off, I stay patient and said I will keep him in sights and begin to reel him in slowly as I major move as he made could come back to hurt me in the end.  Jay moved ahead of me slowly as Kavin made that move and at about 1.5 miles, I came along side of Jay and said we can't let the race get too far away from us.  Jay had a perfect plan of pacing for the first few miles and then close on the tiring front runners at around 8 or 9.  I was just mainly worried about letting Kavin get no more than 50 meters ahead of me.  As the race progressed I began closing on Kavin, crossing my 2nd mile in 5:20 still running comfortable, and catching Kavin just at 2 miles or so.  I just stayed on his shoulder, feeling comfortable, he continued throwing in little surges, which didn't phase me at all, as he was doing all the work to drop me or see if I would respond to his moves.  We dropped the 3rd mile to 5:13, he decided to settle in again as we ran another 5:20, I started getting worried and wasn't sure if I should be feeling this good as last year 5:30's hurt really bad for first few miles.  But I said to myself, just stay here, and if I die trying, I gave it my all doing so.  The pace then slowed again, and then again, so I began to think although I am recovering, he is also doing the same but I still had to stay patient and not take the pace, as selfish as that sounds.  We are now heading over Burnt House hill and we run on opposite side of the street, I expected him either to make his move on this hill or the next and last one.  No response on this hill, and coming off the hill I moved ahead a little bit and backed down to let him lead.  Then at 7.5 miles, I began to worry and start thinking and analyzing the race and when he would make a move and I had to be ready to respond.  Then all of a sudden, Jay appears, it was like a breath of fresh air when I saw him.  It was like the race had just started - I was so happy he was there as a distraction to take my mind off of Kavin and how I was feeling.  I know it blew Kavin's mind as well in a negative way, in hind site I knew he thought he could run me out at 10miles, when I had a surprise for him anyway, then Jay appears.   Kavin has never run past 10 miles with anyone with him, Bermuda was in for a great race to the finish.  And with Jay now here, my race tactics had now changed again, I was no longer going to try to take it at 10miles in, I was going to just ride it as long as I could until someone makes a move, and I would counter later on in the race.  So we cruised through 10 miles in 55:30 or so, and into Hamilton as the roads were packed tight with people.  We all stayed tight hitting the bird cage and making the turn around (having small flash backs of walking at that point last year), I still stayed patient as I was fully recovered and ready for anyone to make a move.  We hit 12 miles and we were all still running together, but I was keeping an eye on Kavin by not running too close, as I was not ready for a quick move that would be difficult to counter, something gradual was more of where I was.  Right after 12 miles, I got a slight stitch in my side, could not believe this was happening to me right now, I rubbed it out and tried not to let anyone see it.  Then it went away a half mile later, just as it did, Jay makes a move and without my knowledge we dropped Kavin, and I fed off of Jay's move as I felt a twitch in my upper calf, and said I have to keep going, if not this could get worse, trying to save a bit in reserve in case they have something left as well - but not wanting to push too hard in hopes the twitch doesn't turn into a leg cramp.  But with just under a half mile to go, that counter move seemed to be enough to do it, and the crowd carried me to the line.  Jay followed right behind me in second place, I wanted to stay in the chute to congratulate him, but they made me move out and wait for him to come through.  To my delight Jay and I had finally did it.  For Jay, it was more of  bitter sweet victory as he would have loved to win, but he accomplished the victory of defeating Kavin in this race.  For me, I was very excited to win, but again it was just as bitter sweet for me as well, as it is tough to accept a victory over one of your best friends in something of this magnitude - although we both would be happy for each other win or loose.


May 1, 2004 - Apple-Chase 10k run - 32:50

10km - (5:21.06 / 5:12.44 / 5:16.04 / 5:13.47 / 5:12.10 / 4:57.57 / 1:33.91)

Race needs to be organized a bit better.  They had the 5k race going off at the same time starting approximately 50 meters ahead of us.  We (10k runners) assumed they would start them and give us a few moments for them to get out before sending us off to avoid dodging and weaving in and out of walkers and baby joggers.  Well, the starter stood ahead up by the 5k runners and started them promptly at 8am, then as we (10k runners) stood there awaiting our start, he realizes after a few seconds we are not moving, so he yells go!  You are to go as well!  So we took off, this delay was somewhere in the area of approximately 10 - 12 seconds, but our overall time would reflect the 8am start where the 5k runners went off.  Okay, now we are into the race, as I am dodging and weaving in and out of people, staying to the outside to avoid and problems, about 600m into the race an official had a 5k runners sign this way.  I see it up ahead and ask to make sure if the 10k runners go this way as well, (not sure as she only has the 5k runners sign) she says no this is for the 5k only - the 10k goes the other way.  What other way, not certain as to why she would say this - but she is a court marshal and would know what she is talking about.  I come to a complete stop, as to whether I need to go back 600m where I just came from or go forward.  Just as I was about to go back, Doug Cross, (a team-mate of mine, who is recovering from a stress fracture in his lower back) says to me don't worry about it - it is only a workout.  Right then, I realized he was right and not to get frustrated, just concentrate on the task at hand.  If I ran the 5k as a workout so be it, so I continued the same direction as all the runners.  As I approached the 1st mile marker it was labeled for the 10k, so I felt better and soon after there were marshal's for the 5k to turn around and 10k to keep going.  I settled back into pace of 5:12 - 5:15, as I didn't want to kill myself by sprinting back to get back on track, and this pace felt comfortable, so I stayed with it.  Although I set in mind I wanted to run 5:05 - 5:10 for the first 4 miles and then try to squeeze it down the last 2 miles.  But had to let that go out the window and stay with what was working right then.  I was able to squeeze last mile down to sub-5 minutes and felt comfortable doing so, and then we finished on a track, so I just cruised in.  An added note, Marianne was one of the baby jogger runners in the 5k, in which I had to run around at the start.  She actually ran 24 minutes in the 5k pushing Nathan, kudos to her, an accomplishment, that needs recognition.  Congratulations to Nathan on completing his first 5k race.  Marianne won her age group as well with that performance.


April 22, 2004 - Penn Relays - 14:39.44 (*2nd best time in 5000m on track)

5000m - (2:17 / 4:37 / 9:17 / 14:03 / 36)  (mile splits = 4:37 / 4:40 / 4:46 / 36)

Going into the race I knew I was fit enough to run 14:30 or so, it was just a matter of how well I would stick my nose in it, as I know I am not as race sharp as some of these guys.  The race began with two packs forming right after 150m or so, I was not sure and uncertain where I wanted to be as I was stuck on the tail end of the lead pack, and feeling quite intimidated not being as race sharp for one and secondly how warm and humid it was out.  So after going through the 200m in 33, I backed off a bit coming through in 67, being out there all alone for the next 400m of so, a group closed in on me, so I pulled them for the next 200m or so, then someone else took over, and I just sat right in there for the mile and a half.  We were just clicking off 69's most of the first mile and a bit into the second mile.  I knew the racing would just really begin after 2 miles for me, in a sense where it gets tougher and I believe it's more in my head of the length of the race.  Now moving into the longer distances I am learning how to be patient, whereas when I was a miler, you had to have your nose in it all times ready to strike when someone made a move.  But this is my best race over the distance I believe I have ever run, I ran tough and as even as you can in a race like that.  Although you would like to run even and squeeze it down a bit at the end - I am not quite there yet, but getting closer - as this is the first time I have run my last mile under 5:55 in a 5km on the track.  I would usually go through n 9 minutes or just over but finish in 5 minutes for last mile as I did the year I ran my PB (14:38.15).  Anyway, back to the race, after clicking off 69's we were 9:17 through 2 miles, and with 2 laps to go I was 12:12, so I slowed a lot in the last half as I finished in 14:39, which would have made my last 800m 2:27 (ugh! - that hurt my time a bit!)  I had no knowledge of my time after finishing, but I knew I came through in 14:03 (3-miles) with 200m to go.  I was just happy with my effort on the day, I know I ran a solid race in my book.


March 27, 2004 - US 8k Championships - 24:43 (*new Personal Best)

8km - (mile splits = 4:45 / 4:56 / 5:11 / 5:15 / 4:36) ( 5k - 15:29 / 3k - 9:14)

Some pics from race

Started out pretty fast, didn't mean to but I was in the mix and then my legs were not feeling comfortable turning over that quickly.  So about 800m into it, sort of backed off and not only did I loose my rhythm, but I was left alone, as you were either with them or you weren't.  Although their first mile was 4:30's or so, With me backing off I was 4:45, and I said to myself I wanted to go out no faster than 4:40 - 4:45, but didn't think I would be faltering in he back.  A few people went out easier and came up on me through miles 2 to 3, I went with them temporarily but just could not find a rhythm after that first mile.  Rich Byrne passed me just before the mile and debated going with him, in hopes I would regather and feel stronger as the race went on.  I was only left with kicking myself for not even taking the challenge of going for as long as I could and then dying if it happened, or go on to a good race if I got through it.  That 4th mile heading up the hill was tough, but I managed to catch a few people which gave me little hope and managed to run strong all the way home, or at lease it felt that way.  I hit 4miles just over 20 mins and my heart sunk - "I am not even going to break 25mins"  I was really mad at myself, and really just put my head down and just went as hard as I could for the last 0.9mi.  I saw the clock as I was heading in and it read 24:30, "No way - this is not possible"  I dug down one more time and finished in 24:43.  That made me feel a little better, and in speaking to Richie afterwards and he believed the mile markers were off a bit on some of the miles - the 5k was accurate.  So I just cooled down with Richie and we chatted about possibly getting together for some workouts and going for a long run tomorrow.  I was looking at going for a long 20mi - he was going 16, I said I would see how I felt upon waking if I would go that far, as may need to recover.  Also a quick note to mention, Meb is such a great guy, after winning the race he stayed in the chute with the media and actually went out of his way to shake my hand and congratulated me - I was 34th and about 2 and a half minutes behind him!!!  Wish I would have got an autograph for my son "Nathan" - oh well!  But I thought that was cool that he congratulated everyone that passed him on their way out of the chute after the race.  Just something I thought was cool enough to mention...


March 14, 2004 - Equinox 20k run - 1:05:45 (*new Personal Best)

20km - 5:16.5 / 5:22.9 / 5:19.8 / 5:18.8 / 5:13.8 / 5:12.7 / ? / 10:38.5 / 5:18.2 / 5:17.7 / 5:24.3 / 5:14.7 / 2:09.9

Had a good run today considering having an ill spell two days ago, with flu-like symptoms.  Managed to run with Carlos Martins as we both dictated the pace for the first 10k or so, then I dropped a few teen miles and slowly pulled away to run solo the remainder of the way.  This was my first step in preparation towards the half marathon in May.  We came through 5km pretty comfy in 16:34, then 10km in 32:50 as I picked it up a bit, 15km in 49:11, and finished 20km in 1:05:45.  Pretty even 10km splits.  Wasn't sure how would feel after Fridays day off and what it may have done to me physically, the fact I could not eat all day.  So I went into it with the motion that I would love to run 5:20/mile pace, if I run 5:25, would be okay as I duplicated what I did last year, considering I had not done as much training for it as I did this year, and if I ran 5:30/mile pace I would not panic, just focus on trying to get the next 10 weeks together mentally and physically.  I ended up averaging 5:17/mile pace.


January 18, 2003 - Bermuda International Race - 1/2 Marathon - 1:16:20

1/2 Marathon - 5:40 / 5:49 / 5:45 / 6:04 / 5:38 / 5:45 / 5:55 / 5:45 / 5:51 / 5:46 / 6:12 / 5:46 / 5:46 / 36

Best day of the weekend, and perfect day to run really fast, although there was no way I could do that - as beat up as I was.  It was a steady state run day for me.  Coming into the weekend, I was looking to run 5:30 / mile pace, and after 10km, had it set that I was going to try to run 5:45 / mile pace.  Came pretty close to it, with having to run it alone the whole way.  Just stayed within myself, and on hills pace reflected the inclines.  Overall, another mediocre weekend for myself, it never fails that the weekend makes up with bad weather for this particular weekend.  Jay ran an awesome race, he went out with Marathoners and hung on for a nice PB of 1:10:50.  Great job by him after pulling me through yesterday.  He is in great fitness, and hope he just builds on that - he should have a great year of racing.  I hate making excuses, but I know my legs are still adjusting to the new higher mileage (for me) training with workouts and no tapering as I always do around now for this race and end up never getting mileage back up after to maintain strength.  I needed to do this for myself this year just to test out this theory and see if I can have a long injury free Spring into summer of track and road races.


January 17, 2003 - Bermuda International Race - 10km (32:52)

10km - 5:02 / 5:09 / 5:25 / 5:20 /5:29 / 6:25 {1.2 mile})

It was just as windy but not as rainy, it was on and off rain, and temperatures were pretty cool again this morning. I was hoping this race to turn out better than yesterday, in a way it did.  The race started and legs didn't feel as good as I thought they would have, I am not sure if the jet-leg was still in my legs or if in fact my not tapering for this is affecting me as well.  I am pretty sure both played it's part in not feeling as sharp as thought I would.  Went about 800m and knew it wasn't going to be an impressive run, so backed off to try to run 5 mins/mile, with that it was almost a perfect situation because it worked out where Jay (Donawa) and myself were able to run together for the whole race.  We went through the mile in 5:02 and then two at 5:09, hoping the race would feel a little better as it went on.  On the hills, Jay would prevail and normally I would on the downhills, but not much downhills in the race, so basically Jay did all the work.  I felt bad as I was not feeling good and gave no help in our supposively working together.  Jay looked very strong, and I was fighting the whole way to hang on.  We got to 5 miles in around 26:20, into the headwind the whole last 5km, and it was all uphill from 5 miles on in.  Jay would continue to control the pace as I desperately held on, and knowing we had to climb to finish, I just dug down and tried to hold on for as long as I could.  We would get to about half a mile to go, and neither of us were giving in, of course Jay had the strength and I had the speed, so I tried not to think about the pain I was in, and said the longer I stayed with him until the end, it would come down to a kick.  Fortunately for me, I was able to do exactly that and as we entered the track and I gave it all I had heading into a gust of wind, and Jay was not letting up either.  He was right behind me, with less than 100m to go, and I gave it one more plunge and was able to hold on for first local runner and I believe Jay and I were 5th and 6th overall.  I felt so bad for Jay having to lead the whole way, and it come down to me passing him at the line, but being a great sport about it, he was more impressed with the fact he felt as strong as he did and was able to dictate the whole race between us two.  We cooled down together and believe we are both coming back in the 1/2 Marathon tomorrow for a long training run.  I am going to be looking to run just around 5:45 pace - if possible in the winds.

January 16, 2003 - Bermuda International Race - Mile (4:43.56)

Mile - 71 / 2:16 / 3:28 / 4:43.

It was up to 50 mph wind gusts and raining out, but figured it had to affect everyone.  I had hoped it was going to go out pretty fast and I would hold on with most of the strength I had been doing.  With only 6 guys in the field, I thought I would do fairly well, except that it didn't go as planned, the race went out in 70 seconds for first 400m, before I could think of a new strategy the race went.  They dropped a 59/60 next 400m and I hung on for as long as I could, they kept going and I could only try to maintain how I felt.  I hit the half in just over 2:15 and they were still within reach, then something came over me and my body began to tighten up and felt I could go no faster.  At the second turn, it was me and Michael Donawa (my buddy Jay's younger brother) and he sort of fell of my shoulder and I was solo from 1200m on in.  I could see them in the distance but running into the wind there was no way I catch anyone so I shut it down in hopes of regathering for tomorrow's 10k.  The winner went 4:18, pretty impressive off of a 70 first 400m, I am just my second week into track workouts, so I didn't expect anything special, but had hoped to run faster than 4:43!!

Dec. 28, 2003 - Armory Holiday Classic - (Mile - 4:20.5 & 3k - 8:42.9)

Mile - 30 / 64 / 2:11 / 3:16 / 4:20.

3k - 35.72 / 70.22 / 1:44.17 / 2:19.12 / 2:54.74 / 3:27.46 / 4:02.82 / 4:37.57 / 5:11.94 / 5:47.22 / 6:22.73 / 6:58.34 / 7:34.24 / 8:10.35 / 8:42.89.

Seeded myself in the mile at 4:20, I knew I was in probably 4:30 shape but wanted to make sure I was in the second heat, and ended up being the last person in the first heat with that seed time.  I figured oh well, and to my surprise they went out in 28/29, and I just sat in the back at 30, and figured to settle in soon after, but for some reason everyone started coming back and I was feeling strong, so I just kept at it, and although I wasn't really picking it up, it was more like they were dying, but with 200 to go, I had a little kick and finished 5th in 4:20, with a 30 second last lap.  The 3000m I knew was going to be all one heat, so I just wanted to try to run under 8:50, so I seeded myself at 8:40.  The race went out way faster than I thought it would, they were 30/31 at the lead, I again went straight to the back and just trailed along.  I wanted to come through in 4:40 initially, but after the 400m, the lead pack was way out and then my impatience came into play, where I felt like I should be up there, even if I wasn't in shape, so I began to try to pick it up, or so it felt like again.  Slowly moving up, and with just under a mile to go, it was three of us fighting for 2nd, the leader had long gone and had us by 100m or so.  With 3 laps to go, I began to feel it, and backed off and ran by myself from there on, and even had a little kick at the end to finish in 32 for last lap, and finished 4th.  Averaged 34.85 per 200m.


Nov. 9, 2003 - Giralda Farms 10k - 33:04 ~ 8th place

4:58.32 / 5:22.79 / ?? / 10:57.89 / 5:20.74 / 5:08.50 / 1:18.98.

I was looking to run sub-32 at worse, thinking I would have plenty of runners to run with.  The Kenyans would be there and I would just sit on them.  But the table turned when they decided to take the first mile out in 4:38, I backed off at approx. the half mile and tried to go with Mykotok, but on the uphill leading to the mile he pulled away as I went through in 4:58, and was left to go solo.  The hill kinda took the sting out of my legs right away and thought I would re-gather and run 5:05's to 5:10, my next mile was 5:22, it was not going to be pretty, as I was unable to go any faster or slower I was stuck in the rhythm of 5:20 pace.  After running alone for a few miles, at the 5k turnaround, I could see Scott catching up to me, and I figured it would be best for me to run with someone as it was not my day.  He caught me at 4 and we ran together the remainder of the way, it was good, as he pressed the 5th mile and then in turn I pressed the 6th mile and with about 800m to go, he took the lead and said let's do it for Nick's (Nick Ricco - All-American product of T.C.N.J. & ran 14:13 - 5k) dad, so after it registered what he said I pulled up along side of him and we worked it in together. (Nick's Dad was recently diagnosed with Cancer) A disappointing effort overall on my part, so didn't feel like cooling down went home and ran 10 miles later that day.


Oct. 12, 2003 - LBI 18-miler - 1:44:17 ~ 1st place.

6:06.33 / 5:57.87 / 5:49.23 / 6:01.02 / 5:56.67 / 5:33.75 / 6:03.98 / 5:49.41 / 5:47.82 / 5:36.53 / 5:54.54 / 5:17.95 / 5:44.00 / 5:44.26 / 5:49.00 / 5:45.40 / 5:44.59 / 5:34.56.

I had plans of running with Gene, Gary & Matt as a solid long run as we do at Piermont on Sunday's.  No one ended up making it, so I had to do it alone.  I didn't mind as it wasn't a race and took it as a long run, where we start out in 7mins, and drop down to 5:30's.

And that is what I did, except I felt comfortable starting the first mile around 6mins.  I ended up leading the whole way, but this guy name Doug Fitzhenry offered to trade off the lead because of the wind, but I said that's okay and if you want you can sit on me as long as you like.  He quickly accepted and tucked in and we were on our way.  It was just us from 2 miles onward, where I was just trying to stay at 6min/mile for first 8 miles, and then the way I was feeling I wanted to get last 10miles under 60 mins.  I didn't mean to drop the 6th mile, but it felt okay, and then I backed up to pace, and then after 8 miles decided to pick up a little each mile until I got down to 5:30's.  But by the 10th mile I was picking it up continuously and ended up dropping the guy in second accidentally.  I just maintained for next two miles, which I don't understand as my splits were way off.  I think the markers were not correct, and then pretty much felt comfortable at 5:45 pace and stayed there until last mile, where I picked up a little bit, but by then I was feeling it a little and picking it up was almost like maintaining at that point.


Oct. 11, 2003 - USATF-NJ XC 5k Champs - 16:06. ~ 1st place.

5:08.07 / 5:16.65 / ??

Ran to help team today, actually I wanted to run as hard as I could but didn't feel as fresh as I thought or running cross country is that much harder.  I did a workout on Tuesday and just knew I had I had it in me for  15:30 at worst.  I took out the first mile in 5:07, and just didn't feel the 'get up and go' that I thought I would after that, thinking I could go faster.   So going into second loop at Highland Park, this guy overtook me and I just let him do the work on the second lap which felt a bit easier as the pace was slower as well.  And with about 800m to go, I decided to take over and hold him off for the win in just over 16 mins.


Sept. 28, 2003 - Liberty Waterfront Half Marathon - 1:15:09 / 1:13:45.77 ~ 15th place

5:32.06 / 5:38.95 / 5:40.90 / 5:46.18 / 5:48.29 / 5:46.21 / 5:37.41 / 5:13.79 / 6:00.66 / 5:35.57 / 5:36.99 / 5:23.21 / 6:05.55(1.1m).

Planned on doing it as a steady state run like Piermont long runs - until I missed the start then that all went out the window.  My plan was to warm up 21 minutes and go right into race and run the 13 miles at tempo pace and cool down 30 minutes.  The warm-up went okay, then when I got to start the race had begun over a minute when I reached the start line through most of the walkers and joggers.  I didn't let it discourage me as it was a workout in itself, although I would rather have run with a group then to run the whole race alone chasing people.  Well, I began moving up the field slowly, after going out too fast I decided to slow to 5:45 pace for the first few, just so I could get the excitement out of my legs.  I wanted to just run as hard as I could to catch as many people as I could; and if I died I died.  But I can't believe I was able to overcome my non-patience running.  This distance training with Gene is helping my concentration and patients.  I just cruised still passing people and with all the rain, made it horrible weather to be out in.  But people were beginning to come back to me earlier than I thought.  I was feeling good so I picked it up even more, at mile 8, I didn't really feel like I picked it up, but the time threw me off tremendously, then I hit mile 9 with same pace and realized they were off (5:13 / 6:00).  I did all my catching up until mile 10 when there were no more runners in sight to catch, then I realized it was all alone from here on in, but I still felt good and decided to try to finish the last 5k pretty strong, under 17 mins.  I thought I had did it until now, I was just over 17 mins.  Anyway the team won overall and I placed 15th overall.  I felt that if I started from the front, I could have run under 1:11 pretty easily, as I would not have had to lead the whole way.  Well, although the race fell through, I am rounding into pretty decent shape and that is a positive in my books.

Sept. 20, 2003 - Wykoff 5k Run -15:44 ~ 2nd place

(4:49.69 / 5:05.45 / 4:59.66 / 49.61)

I was using this race as a workout, and trying to help Gene run a fast time today.  Gene wanted to break the course record of 15:23, which he could have done alone, but he wanted to demolish it if he could.  I had planned on trying to take Gene through mile and continue as long as I could hold on to try to get to 2 mile in 9:45, the only way I could do that was to make it up in the first mile.  So the race began, I led the pack through the first half-mile, I assume Gene and Mike Kairis were following me, then at around 1200m, Gene comes up on my shoulder and I knew there was no way I was going any faster, so I was hoping I was on pace for 4:45.  Gene keeps going, I felt somewhat of a relief as I knew I would not have finished had I tried to keep that pace to help him.  Gene hit the mile in 4:42, I was 4:49 after backing down a bit, Mike Kairis was 4:51, and just after the mile, Mike came up on me and passed me as well, as he put some distance on me, I looked back and knew I could still have a decent workout, although it didn't go a planned and get a 3rd placing out of this.  Gene just kept pulling away, and Mike began to come back to me, and after my little break to recover I now have a second wind, and begin working for Mike, at 2 miles he has about 2 seconds on me now - I hit 2 miles in 9:55; 10 seconds slower than I had hoped but still under 10 mins, faster than workout I have done thus far on my comeback.  I had actually hoped to hit 9:45 and be dead, but hitting it in 9:55 and feeling like I can pick the pace up is great.  I begin to just slowly increase the pace and it feels good and I am not straining, and I catch Mike with about 1 mile to go, and just kept pressing the pace, hitting my 3rd miles in 4:59, and then the last 100 meters in 49 secs.  Well just when I thought I ran a really good 3rd mile, it didn't pan out that way.  We all realized the last mile had to be a bit short, as there was no way we should have run 50 secs for last 100m, at most probably 40 seconds so we figured it to be off by 10 seconds.  Anyway, Gene finished in 15mins flat, I was 15:44, and Mike Kairis 15:56.


Sept. 14, 2003 - Brian's Run 10k (34:33) / Brian's Run 5k (17:35) - 1st in both races

10k = 5:01.37 / 5:28.24 / 5:33.29 / 5:38.92 / 5:48.56 / ??

5k = 5:33.68 / 6:09.29 / 5:20 / 35.31 

The was used as a tempo training run.  The plan was to run 5:30 pace the whole way if I could to see where I was as far as my fitness.  The first mile being all downhill was a little faster than planned but I even tried holding back, being and out and back course, I knew I would pay for it on the return back up it.  Anyway, went through in 5:01, and then settled back into pace, and felt really comfortable at 5:30 pace.  Except the rolling hills through Pines Lake are a killer.  The last mile and three quarters are all uphill, so that hurt pretty bad, as you can see by my splits.  I stayed within my self and kept concentration, but couldn't wait to finish.  

The 5k was just used to help get the mileage in for the day, as today was to be my long run, I pretty much never stopped running all day.  After 10k, I ran for 20 minutes cool down and then another 15 minute warmup for the 5k, then after the 5k, did another 15 to 20 minute cool down.  Making the day's total close to 18 as my long run was to be.  Anyway, the 5k, I went out with the pack, although it felt very slow, I wasn't trying to run fast, rather to run even and feel strong finishing.  We hit mile one in 5:33, and I had to keep holding back, remembering the uphill last mile to finish.  We hit the halfway point in 8:33, I decided it was time to start running, so on the uphill I made a bold move and held on making my last mile my fastest mile split of the race.


July 24, 2003 - Downtown Westfield 5km race - 16:09 ~ 5th place

(5:08.37 / 5:25.21 / 5:16.00 / 39.72)

Well, not a well thought out plan on my behalf, forgetting about traffic on the NJ parkway at 5:30pm at night. The race was to start at 7pm.  I got to Westfield and out of my car at 6:55, changed into my racing uniform, ran to the new Westfield Running Company store which we had our Grand Opening tonight - and put my number and chip on and went to the staring line, just in time before they shot the gun to begin.  By then I figured I would settle in the first mile and not even think about going out with the leaders, considering I had not warmed up.  I stayed off the lead pack and went through the first mile in 5:08, thinking I was going to warm up and be able to pick it up - wishful thinking on my part!  Joe McVeigh came up on me just shy of the mile, I had hoped he would come back in the end.  The race winded and rolled up and down, mostly uphills, and I never really got into a rhythm, so I just ran it comfortable, and came through 2nd mile in 5:25, I could still see McVeigh in sight.  By now I am sitting in 6th place and have been for most of the race.  Then I tried picking it up a little and caught a guy and moved into 5th place, the last 600m or so were downhill, and I pretty much opened up as I could see myself catching McVeigh, but I ran out road as we approached the finish with him just ahead of me.  Next up is the River to Sea race that should be pretty fun with the team.  I have to really think about what I want to do, Philly-half is right around the corner and I am not where I thought I was going to be with my training currently.


June 16, 2003 - President's Cup 5km Nite Race - 15:28 ~ 12th place.

(4:44.71 / 5:04.95 / 5:06.05 / 36.49)

As I mentioned I have been very tired lately, and I think the trip to DC added to it.  Probably not good for me to race, but decided to use as a workout afterwards.  The race began and I felt like I forgot what it was like to race, I got settled into my pace, but they lead pack kept pulling away.  I guess I wasn't supposed to feel comfortable, so I eventually and gradually picked it up and caught the lead pack at around the half mile mark and by then I was ready to bag the race, but I stuck it thinking I would feel better, we hit the 1st mile, Gene and the leaders were about 4:42, I was 4:44.  Gene proceeded to the front and continued to press the pace just when everyone began to settle, great move on his part, as he caught a lot off guard and the race seemed as it had just begun.  They had separated the big guns from the dogs still in training (including myself).  They kept going, and not sure what they split but Gene said they hit mile 2 in approx 9:30 - I could still see the race developing as I came through in 9:49.  By this time I was just trying to hold 5 minute pace and just thought of our repeats we do on the track.  I had been running alone for some time now and did right up until about half mile to go, when two guys caught me, I tried going with them and with about 400m to go, when you thought my leg speed would have prevailed they pulled away from me.  Gene believes I am still not recovered from the Half marathon and the dehydration during the race, but the training and races must go on.


May 26, 2003 - Bermuda Day Half Marathon - 1:24.51 (time not important!)

(5:16.55 / 5:29.95 / 5:32.82 / 5:23.49 / 5:30.83 / 5:34.86 / 5:31.18 / 5:26.27 / 6:55.03 / 6:51.51 / 7:38.38 / 10:13.58 / 7:09.57 / 2:17.82).

Well..., the race began, and Jay and I took the pace, I wanted to get to first mile and settle into pace.  We hit 5:16, and then I figured we'd settle in to a comfortable pace which turned out to be 5:30's.  Jay and I alternated lead changes, throughout race as much as I could maintain.  I pretty much took us through the first 3 miles, and Jay through the next 4 miles, but Jay more experience than I on the hills would gap me a bit and I would recover on the downhill or flat.  The pace was okay, but still not smooth and transitional for me, I just went with the flow and couldn't understand why this pace felt so difficult to maintain, and not as easy as 5:30's should feel.  Then as we approached Burnt House hill which is pretty much the middle of the race, Jay and I went over over the hill together stride for stride, and then at the crest of the hill maintained the pace and didn't settle at the top as I had been doing on the other hills.  The momentum carried me off the peak of the hill to the downhill, where I opened up a slight lead on Jay, unknowingly.  I though he was behind me still the whole time, I noticed as I grabbed water and turned to offer him some and he was not there.  By then I had begun to feel the pace a bit and needed more help than ever.  Then approaching the next and final difficult hill of the course Jay had caught me and ran along side of me.  He felt me slowing and encouraged me to come with him.  I made an effort and as I did DE-JA-VU, of last September's race came to mind, I felt a twitch in my hamstring and inside by my groin area, so I had to slow or it would have cramped badly.  I told Jay to press on and not to wait, so he continued on, feeling like I had given up and succeeded the race to Jay, I was cresting the top of the hill, and decided at the top I would push the flat again to go after him and give it one more effort, and just as I did Kavin came up along side of me and went by me.  I could not believe he was that close to us, right then, I had to stop as the first tough cramp had come on in my quadriceps.  I walked a bit and ran, and as you can see my split reflect that with a 6:55, and the same for the next few miles, where I had to stop, walk and run.  It was very difficult for me to bear and not show how I was feeling, as everyone had been expecting me to do so well, so I held the pain in, not expressing or showing it, just going through the motions.  I met my brother Uel at 9 and a half who had some Gatorade for me, at that point it was useless the race had ended for me.  But I had get to the finish line if it killed me, I could not fly all the way to Bermuda in hopes to give the crowd a race they hadn't seen in years, and not even make it to the finish.  Although, I am not sure which was more embarrassing, finishing the place I did, which was an average of 6:32 pace, as I ran the first half in 5:30 pace - or to have dropped out and not have finished.  Well, at about the 11 and a half mile point I was able to run continuous again, and by then I had slipped way, way back.  I could have sprinted in if I had wanted to.  I had drank so much fluids over those past 3 and a half miles, I still don't understand how I body absorbed it, when I was thoroughly hydrated (crystal clear urine) two days leading into the race and the morning of I thought I would pee myself before the race, as I had to go so much.  The race developed that Kavin had caught Jay around 10 or 11 miles and Jay had run out of legs as well, and Jay went on to Capture 2nd.  In speaking with a few people, and if you know, please email me ad let me know your opinion - my coach said I possibly still had that 10-mile race in my legs.  Which we thought would have been washed out in 3 weeks.  But for it to affect both Jay and I, that was the only conclusion we could think of - as Jay trains in that humidity and is somewhat used to it



May 3, 2003 - Broad Street Run 10-miler - 50:35. 
(4:54.46 / 4:53.68 / 5:02.62 / 5:01.10 / 4:53.91 / 5:06.94 / 5:05.20 / 5:10.79 / 5:12.95 / 5:12.89)
I had no idea what to do or how fast to go out. Have never run and all out 10 mile race before. I decided to use Gene as a guide for first few miles and if it was too fast I would decide then on what I would do. I felt pretty good, through first couple of miles, so I decided to continue on with pace. I was shocked to be feeling okay at 3 miles at 14:48, and 4 miles at 19:51. Then I began to think if I could hold this to the finish? Before we began Gene has spoken of coming through 5 miles at 24:45 approx, and holding on as it was pretty flat finishing, with some tiny rolling hills. I then decided to stay with it as the pack had slowed the last few miles to 5 min/pace, I said why not stick with it. Then for 5th mile it picked right back up to 4:53, where we hit 24:45 exactly at 5 miles. For one I couldn't believe I was at 24:45 for 5 miles and then have to run another 5 miles. So I quickly got rid of that thought and just tried to dig in and run. Soon after I decided to get something to drink, not knowing how to do this very well, I dropped the first grab, then the next one, I almost had to stop to get it. As I needed a drink, by then I had lost about 2 seconds on the pack already. I tried slowly making a move back towards them, but it wasn't working, and I was afraid to make a bold move as it would hurt me later. But I tried it, and caught them about 400m later. Then 400m after that I paid for it, and wasn't feeling comfortable, and decided to rest a bit, and knew when I caught myself there would be someone to run with when I ready to go again. I ended up with a 5:06 at 6miles and 29:52, which is just over 31 mins for 10km, I would have been very pleased up until then. Going into the 7th mile Chris Magill caught me and we ran together working through it all and catching a few stragglers, who fell off the pace as well. Then at 7, I realized how much I had been slowing, where I was back on 5 min/mile pace - I was 34:58 for 7 miles, but still making that a 5:05 mile. After that, I wasn't feeling great anymore, we caught another guy and he pulled us along for a bit, and I couldn't hold on, so they kept going and I fell off pace to run 5:10 for 8th mile. A guy we had passed a mile or so ago came back up on me and I tried going with him, he gapped me a bit, but we stayed the same distance the whole way in, going through 9 miles in 45:21, and in the last mile passed one Kenyan runner who I assume fell way off the pace. Overall, I was happy with my time. I set a goal of 51 minutes, but in the back of my mind wanted to run as close to 50 minutes as possible.

April 6, 2003 - Run For Awareness 5k - 15:27 

(4:43.19 / 4:58.04 / 5:15.11 / 35.21)
Decided to try to go out with pace and hold on for dear life. We went through first mile in 4:43, and it felt fast, as I haven't done anything that fast as of yet on a continuous basis. After the mile I held on for another half a mile and Mykytok and Aidan Walsh kept going, I ran solo up until 2 mile mark where I was 9:41, and Gene caught me there on little incline and I was just going backwards, another guy caught me about 400m later. I tried to go with him and wasn't quite able to, but I was making sure no one else was going by me. Ran last mile in 5:15, a little slow, but I pushed until I couldn't go anymore, and was happy with the way I competed.

March 23, 2003 - Equinox 20k - 1:06:52. 
(5:19.37 {mile}/ 33:35.01{10km} / 50:23.41 {15km} / 1:06:52.77 {20km}) 
I started out a little faster than wanted, as we agreed to try to run 5:20's, but then decided on 5:30's at the start. After first mile was out there all alone, then a pack of 3 - Ondieki, Cowen and Carols Martins caught me at around 5km and we ran together for a bit. I then picked it up again and dropped them for the moment and boy did I pay for it. About a half mile later they caught and went right by me. I decided to just cruise, and ran the remainder alone up until 15km. With less than 2 miles to go, I saw Carlos Martins ahead and decided to go after him. I caught him with 1 mile to go, and then I saw Ondeiki, he heard someone cheer for me and picked it up as well. So we both were rolling the last mile, and I just couldn't catch him. Finished last mile in approx. 5:04.

Jan. 18, 2003 - Bermuda 10k - 32:57 

(4:42.75 / 5:07.76 / 5:23.55 / 5:15.88 / 5:34.17 / 5:41.34 / 1:11.91) 

I knew I was not in great 10k shape but figured why not give it a go and see what I can come out with. It started out, with Christian Hesch and I running together through first mile in 4:42, I decided to back off a bit and let him go. So I ran solo for the next mile in 5:07, and then Sharif Karie caught up to me, and we ran together for next few miles until he pulled away. We went through 5k in 15:38, then along North shore road went 5:15, and 5:34 for fourth and fifth mile, respectively. We caught Eulid Kesio from Kenya in the 5th miles and ran with him. So the three of us worked together, and approaching the toughest part of the course the last two miles all uphill. I was spent heading up hill so they began to pull away from me, leaving to run along, then all of a sudden Mike Donnelly who wasn't feeling good, starts running with me. He began walking up the hill and said if he didn't see me, he would have walked all the way in for the next mile. It was a relief having someone to run with although the hill was still kicking my butt. I knew fellow good friend Jay Donowa was in great shape and was stronger than me if it came down to the end. So I had to hold pace or he would catch me. I was fortunate enough to hold pace and held him off before he could catch me. Thanks to Donnelly keeping me focused, it would have been much tougher alone. 

Jan.17, 2003 - Bermuda Front Street Mile - 4:28.92. 

(61 / 2:05 / 3:12 / 4:28). 

It was a bit windy out and it would hit us on the turnaround toward the finish. As we start Leonard Mucheru and Kenneth Maiyo darts out to the front and fly through 400m in 54 seconds. Jamie Thei is next in line to follow. Then it is a pack of myself, Christian Hesch, Brent Purin and Sharif Karie next in line. We start to thin out approaching the 800m mark, with Hesch leading the way, and me to follow. The lead pack from what I heard hit 800m in 1:59 and we were 2:04 - 2:06. Hesch kept moving, I began to feel the same heaviness kick in, so all I could do was try to hold pace, I could see Hesch picking them down, wishing I could have gone with him. James Thei has now caught Mucheru going through 1200m, and they are running together. Hesche has passed Maiyo and I come through 1200m in a slow 3:12. Sharif Karie has now caught me and I try going with him, but am unable to. We approach 200m to go, and i can see the battle up front. I make one more attempt to catch Karie, but am unsuccessful. James Thei won and Hesch nipped Mucheru for second at the line. See results.

Nov. 28, 2002 - Ashenfelter 8K - 25:45 

(5:06.54 / 5:11.20 / 5:09.52 / 5:17.49 / 5:00.12). 

It was about 30 degrees out with a wind chill of 23 degrees. Not the weather I like. Anyway, the race went out with a few guys taking it hard the first 400m, I felt comfortable so I went with it, with a feeling they would drop off pace. One of the guys stayed with me, (Joe Jacobs) we went through the first mile in 5:06, as they had the clock at 4:06, I only wished I had that speed right now. But yelled to them they were a minute off, and they were able to change it for everyone else. After first mile, I could still feel Joe on my heels, and I knew there was no sub-25 mins. today with this weather and how I was feeling. So I figured to run hard for 3 miles and cruise in the last 2 miles, if I could. I distanced myself from Joe going through 2 miles in 10:17, and then a little more through 3 in 15:27. I felt comfortable through 3 miles and kept surging, but knew I was going to feel the last mile. So I just tried to maintain, looking back and seeing I had a comfortable lead on Joe. We looped back past the start/finish line and the crowd was going crazy cheering, it helped me to gain a little more momentum to pick it up. Joe was still within striking distance and if he felt great could catch me. I approach the 4 mile mark is shock to realize it read 5:17, without hesitating, I dug down and picked it up one more time. But when I looked back, it seemed as if Joe had gained some distance on me, so my time may have been correct and he was gunning after me. It was about 800m to the finish, and I knew he could catch me now, but I still wanted to stay in my 5:10 per mile pace range, I set out after going through the first mile. I finished in 25:45, and a last mile of 5:00 flat. I chatted with Joe after the race, we actually did a nice long cool down together and come to find out he is from the next town over from me in Butler. In speaking to few other people, they said the 4th mile was a bit off; I wasn't the only one who it scared. I didnt think I slowed that much, and thought 5mins was a bit fast for my last mile, although it is just shy of a mile, being an 8k, and not 5 miles. This may be my last road race for a bit, so I can prepare for indoor track.