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Jul - Dec 2002


December 31

am: 5 miles - 32:35.74.  Ran on the treadmill this morning.

December 30

am: 3 miles - 19:59.21.  Ran on treadmill.

pm: 9 miles.  SHU: 6 x 800m 2:16 / 2:14 / 2:12 / 2:10 / 2:08 / 2:06 w/ 3mins recov.

actual workout times - 2:14.31 / 2:14.53 / 2:12.57 / 2:10.20 / 2:08.59 / 1:38.28 (600m) / 2:02.80

It was 3 of us working out today, with Clinton's buddy starting at 2:18, I was starting at 2:16, and Clinton at 2:14.  So I started in his second one and Clinton started on his 3rd one (my 2nd one), etc...  I was feeling good today, hitting the times with no problem, then it came to my last one where I had to lead, and I began to tie up just after 400m, so I pulled out at 600m.  I was upset at myself, and knew I could have hit the time, just not leading the whole thing.  So I decided to take Clinton through 400m of his last one which was to be 2:04.  I was right on pace at 62.2, then he took over, and I sat on his shoulder and we finished in 2:02.80.  That explains above why I have 7 times and not 6 as the workout was originally designed.


Week of December 23 - December 29: 59 Miles, 9 runs total.  

With taking a day off, mileage was somewhat below where I would like to be, but more importantly was unable to workout more than once myself.  I'll get one solid workout in next week, then I think with the holiday SHU indoor track is closed again during the New Year. 

Very pleased with my nephews, the weather hindered their training a bit, but they ran tough and gusty in the debut at the Armory, Dorian came very close to his PB in the 800m going through to the 1000m, and Tyree showed off his speed in the 600m.


December 29

am: 10 miles - 1:07.35.02.  Ran on the treadmill easy and picked it up a bit towards the end.

December 28

am:  6 miles.  Went for a 30 minute run outside before the meet began.  Both Dorian and Tyree were running the 600m & 1000m.  This was Tyree's first time on an indoor track, Dorian came last year to this meet.  I then warmed up and cooled down with them for their race.

Tyree ran 2:00.17 for the 600m, and 3:46.64 (3:03 thru 800m) for the 1000m .

Dorian ran 1:59.17 for the 600m, and 3:28.44 (2:43 thru 800m) for the 1000m.

December 27

am: 5 miles - 31:15.01.  Ran easy on treadmill today as starting to feel under the weather a bit.  It was rest day for the boys as they raced tomorrow.

December 26

noon: 7 miles - 46:02.31.  Ran during lunch at work again, same as 12/24. 

pm: 7 miles - 43:05.59.   Ran on treadmill, then had Dorian and Tyree do a workout on the treadmill.  They ran for 20 mins doing 3min pickups at 7:30/mile pace.  They were able to do it with no problem.

December 25 (Merry Christmas)


December 24

am: 5 miles.  Warmed up with Dorian and Tyree over to track in Pompton Lakes.  Dorian was doing 400/800/400/200, and Tyree was doing 200/400/200/400/200.  I ran each interval with them, as they alternated until the last 400/200.  The we cooled down back to the house.

pm: 7 miles - 47:57.09.  Ran during lunch at work out to park and back.

December 23

am: 4 miles.  Ran with Dorian and Tyree.  We warmed up just over a mile, and did pickup's on the trails, behind my house.  We did 4 sets of 1 min on/off, and 2 sets of 30secs on/off.  Then we cooled down nice and easy back to my house. 

pm: 8 miles.  20 x 200m (30) w/ 30 secs. recovery.

Worked out during lunch, very windy outside, and had to do them alone, tried to average 31's.

30.86 / 30.98 / 30.86 / 30.38 / 31.06 / 31.23 / 31.14 / 30.94 / 31.55 / 31.44 / 31.09 / 31.06 / 31.19 / 30.89 / 31.50 / 31.75 / 31.62 / 31.41 / 30.39 / 30.20


Week of December 16 - December 22: 64 Miles, 10 runs total.  

Had a decent week of running, Felt tired since Monday and felt it in that workout, and managed to squeeze out a good workout on Wednesday, with good turnover, and finished the week with an okay 800m for right now.  I know I could have gone faster had I had some help in the 800m.  But it's all about developing right now.  Have my nephews (Dorian and Tyree - see home page) up for the Holiday, so I will be training them in hopes of having a great race at the Holiday Classic at the Armory on Saturday the 28th.


December 22

am: 7 miles - 46:52.19.  Ran nice an easy today and relaxed.  Feeling a little tired.  Trying to stay healthy.

December 21

am: 10 miles - 1:07:32.92.  Ran 3 miles with Mar and continued run.

December 20

am: 3 miles - 20:09.31. Ran on the treadmill this morning to loosen up.

pm: 8 miles.  SHU: 800m time trial & 4 x 200 (28) w/ 30 secs recovery. Tough workout, as I had to do it solo. 

1:56.97 (28+, 57+, 1:26, 1:57);  200's = 27.56 / 27.95 / 28.06 / 28.56.

Aiming to hit 1:55, but tied up and ran last 200m, just over 30 sec's. 

December 19

pm: 7 miles  - 47:01.63.  Ran on treadmill after work.

December 18

am: 5 miles - 32:15.79.  Ran on treadmill this morning.  Doing 200's tonight!

pm: 7 miles.  SHU: 12 x 200 (26-27) w/ 2mins. recov.  Felt a little better today.

27.48 / 27.61 / 27.58 / 26.58 / 27.13 / 27.72 / 27.20 / 26.81 / 26.99 / 26.48 / 26.99 / 25.69.

December 17

pm: 5 miles - 34:12.79.  Had to go really easy today to try to get legs back a little, even today still didn't feel myself, felt really flat.  It may be that is was below 20 degrees with wind chill out as well, and would rather be on the treadmill tonight, but promised to do Christmas shopping with Marianne tonight.

December 16

am: 3 miles - 19:48.12.  Ran on treadmill. So hard getting out of bed this morning.

pm: 9 miles.  SHU: 10 x 400 (61-62) w/ 60 secs. recovery.  Was tougher than we thought it would be. I could only do 9 of them, and they weren't all at pace. 61.77 / 61.72 / 62.96 / 62.99 / 63.53 / 63.52 / 62.21 / 63.86 / 62.79.  Really think I pushed the end of last week and is still possibly in my legs, which are not recovered.


Week of December 9 - December 15: 70 Miles, 9 runs total.  

Pretty pleased with the week, had to solid workouts, and topped it off with a nice 3 mile tempo.  Although, shouldn't have run that hard on recovery run on the 13th, as had tempo planned for the 14th.  But managed to squeeze it out just sub-15mins. anyway.  Exactly 4 weeks away from the Front Street Mile in Bermuda, and not quite sure I am where I would like to be right now, but if keep feeling good should get pretty close to acceptible fitness. 


December 15

am: 8.5 miles - 57:43.12.  Ran on treadmill to relax/recover today.

December 14

pm: 10 miles - 1:00:44.02.  3-Mile tempo run (15-mins).  Ran for 6 miles, then went right into it, running (14:59.62) 5:05 / 5:01 / 4:55.  It felt pretty tough after 2.25, but dug down, and hit goal of 15 mins, ran easy for 1 mile.  Probably shouldn't have did pickup yesterday, may have felt a little better.

December 13

am: 5 miles - 31:03.50.  Ran on treadmill @ 2% incline, picking it up every mile.

pm: 8 miles - 49:32.84.  Ran during lunch out to Brookdale park, did one loop, and added 1 mile on at end.  Up-tempo'd middle 2 miles from comfortable to comfortably hard, went 5:17.95, and then 5:00.44, then right back to normal pace.

December 12

pm: 8 miles.   SHU: 6 x 300m (#1, #2, #3 in 42) (#4, #5, #6 in 41) w/ 3mins b/n.

42.25 / 42.64 / 42.24 / 41.82 / 41.29 / 39.57

I led 2, 4 and 6.  Tim is under the weather, so has been C.Bell and myself only.

December 11

pm: 10 miles - 1:05:05.40.  Ran Fleet Feet loop during lunch, it was freezing rain and cold outside today.

December 10

pm: 8.5 miles.  SHU: 6 x 600m (1:35) w/ 2.5 mins recov. It was just C.Bell and myself today.  I led 2, 4 and 6. Warm-up 2.5 miles/cool down 3 miles

1:35.96 / 1:35.40 / 1:35.79 / 1:35.29 / 1:35.60 / 1:32.44

December 9

am: 5 miles - 35:42.10.  Ran on treadmil.  And will run again on treadmiil tonight.

pm: 7 miles - 45:19.43.  Ran on treadmill after work.


Week of December 2 - December 8: 60 Miles, 8 runs total.   This week was a progression, the only things was having to run most of my runs on the treadmill, due to the weather.  Although it has gotten a little better on the streets, I am being a baby with the cold weather.  Wasn't really ready to race, I feel if I raced at best I would have run 2:28 to 2:30 for 1000m, and I know I can run 2:30 in practice right now as well.  Need a few more weeks under belt.


December 8

am: 10 miles - 59:08.21.  Ran on treadmill mid-day.  Decided not to race, not ready to race yet.  Clinton Bell ran 2:28.9 for 1000m and won by over 10 seconds.

December 7

am: 7 miles - 48:02.69.   Ran on treadmill easy, possibly racing 1000m tomorrow at SHU.

December 6

pm: 7 miles - 46:51.28.  Ran on treadmill after work.

December 5

am: 5 miles - 34:35.11.  Ran on treadmill this morning.

pm: 7 miles - 48:29.51.  Ran on treadmill after work w/ 2% incline.

December 4

pm: 10 miles.  SHU: 6 x 400m (57) w/ 5 mins receovery.

58.09 / 57.58 / 57.21 / 56.86 / 57.13 / 56.99.  Felt prety good after the first one, the first one was very rough and couldn't get going, and if that was a sign wasn't going to make it.  But loosened up after that and went well.

December 3

pm: 7 miles - 45:44.38.   Ran on treadmill nice an easy avg. 6:27mins/mile (9.3mph).  Should be back on the track tomorrow.

December 2

pm: 7 miles - 42:28.91.  Ran on treadmill after work.  warmed up 2 miles and did a 2-mile pickup (12mph), in 10 mins, avg. 5mins/mile, and cooled down 2 miles.


Week of November 25 - December 1: 49 Miles, 6 runs total.   Another non-motivational week of running.  No doubles, and taking a day off.  Monday's 200's were tough and with the race, ran as good as I could on the day.  I guess I have to just accept it and take one day at a time.


December 1

am: 5miles - 32:20.63.  Felt lazy today and didn't feel like running so just hopped on the treadmill for an easy 5.

November 30

pm: 7 miles - 46:23.98.  Decided later on in the day it was time to run, after sitting around all day on the couch and not leaving the house.  Jumped on the treadmill and went for a nice and easy 7 miler.

November 29

DNR - decided to take the day off and spend with my parents, who are visiting from Bermuda for weekend.

November 28 (Happy Thanksgiving)

am: 12 miles.  8k - 25:45 (5:06.54 / 5:11.20 / 5:09.52 / 5:17.49 / 5:00.12).

It was blistering cold this morning, it was 30 degrees and with wind chill was 23 degrees out.  Went through 1st mile and knew it wasn't going to be a pretty one today.  I realized I was going to try average 5:10's in order to finish comfortable, and not rig.  See Races in Depth.

November 27

pm: 7 miles - 47:53.04.  Ran to Brookdale Park and did 1 loop and back to work.

November 26

pm: 9 miles - 58:08.61.  Ran to Brookdale Park and did 2 loops and back to work.

November 25

pm: 9 miles.  SHU: 20 x 200 (30) w/ 30 secs. rest.  Very tough workout!!

30.48 / 30.62 / 30.38 / 30.58 / 30.75 / 30.69 / 30.52 / 30.49 / 30.77 / 31.26 / 31.53 / 31.23 / 31.35 / 30.49 / 31.04 / 30.31 / 31.05 / 31.13 / 30.59 / 30.23.

Phew.... As you can see I hit a few 31's in there, the workout takes a lot focusing and concentartion; the moment you think about what you are doing, you fell dead and tired, which is what happened to me at around number 12.  These guys have done this twice already, so they are used to the short recovery.  I think the next time we do this, I should hit all the times.


Week of November 18 - November 24: 72 Miles, 9 runs total.  

Had a pretty good week, and I am pleased overall with the response I got from my body/legs.  Three workouts this week, and legs responded well on Friday to time trial - almost nice and even (62+ / 2:05+ / 3:09+).  Next week is the last week of cycle and we start back over, next week; back up to 800' s and 400's, etc...  Should be interesting as everything we did over the last 4 weeks, will be repeated, with the excception that everything will be faster than last month.


November 24

am: 5 miles - 34:51.23.  Ran around Pompton Lakes nice and easy to allow legs to recover for tomorrow's workout.

November 23

am: 12 miles  - 1:23:51.05.   Met Doug at his house and we ran together today; it's been a while since we last ran together due to his injury and hopefully after Tuesday he should know what the problem is and hopefully be receovered and back out training in 6 to 8 weeks.  His Timex GPS was not reading a signal, and I left my Nike Distance Monitor home, so we couldn't measure the actual run, and figured we ran a little more than 12 miles.  I was so sore from yesterday's workout, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's recovery day.

November 22

pm: 9 miles.  SHU: 1 x 1200m (time trial) 6 x 200m (29) w/ 30 sec's rest.

1200m - 3:09.73; 200's = 29.46 / 29.90 / 29.55 / 29.61 / 29.23 / 28.89.

Very tough workout today, Clinton led the whole thing, he is very fit right now.  He actually pulled away from me a little in the last 400m, he ran 3:07.  It was just the two of us today, we alternated the 200's.  Man, did they hurt? Before you know it you start right back up again.  Actually on Monday we have 20 of them at 30 with 30 sec's rest, we'll see how many I can handle? :-)

November 21

noon: 9.5 miles - 1:00:45.85.  Ran Passaic loop and added on to corner and back.

November 20

am: 5 miles - 34:30.35.  Ran 5 miles on the treadmill, with 2% incline for middle 3 miles.

pm: 8.5 miles.  SHU: 12 x 200 (27) w/ 2mins rest.   4x100 strides w/up

27.96 / 27.52 / 27.50 / 27.48 / 27.29 / 27.52 / 27.91 / 27.25 / 27.30 / 27.56 / 27.13 / 26.74.

Felt drowsy after warmup and before workout began, then with 100m strides sort of woke me up and got me ready. 

November 19

pm: 10 miles - 1:03:36.42.  Ran Fleet Feet loop from work during lunch hour. 

November 18

am: 5 miles - 33:20.57.  Ran on the treadmill this morning. 

pm: 8 miles.  SHU: 10 x 400 (63) w/ 1 minute rest.

63.90 / 62.50 / 63.43 / 63.73 / 63.36 / 63.91 / 63.12 / 63.56 / 64.07 / 62.69.

Felt a little tough after the 6th one, but stayed with it and got through it.


Week of November 11 - November 17: 56 Miles, 7 runs total.  

Good week, really felt okay in track workouts, think I am kicking that lower calf problem, with strengthening, icing and alleve.  I also need to keep my mileage at around 65 to 70 if I can.  As I will be doing a lot of speed on the track, I need to keep the distance runs going.  Haven't done a real long run in a while, need to get back into it.  This past weekend killed me, had no motivation in rain!!


November 17

am: 5 miles - 34:32.90.  Ran the same out and back today, obviously it is a little more than 5 miles, as I actually ran a little faster and know I was running much faster than 7 minute miles.  But it is still raining, not going to be a fun trip back home.  Marianne and I were thinking about either walking around Newport or hitting some of the outlets we saw along the way.  Due to the rain, we negged it and decided to rush home to watch my Eagles win, but loose McNabb to a broken ankle (bummer!)

November 16

am: 5 miles - 35:12.98.  Ran for time today, just went out to run for 35 minutes.  It has been raining since the drive up last night here.  It is so beautiful up here in Newport, just wish the weather was good enought to enjoy it.

November 15

pm: 7 miles - 46:15.65.  Ran around Clifton at lunch from work.  Travelling to Rhode Island tonight for wedding this weekend.

November 14

pm: 9.5 miles - 1:00:51.15.  Ran from work to Brookdale Park, did 2 loops in park(1.80 mile/lap), and back to work.

November 13

pm: 8 miles.  SHU: 6 x 300m (42) w/ 3 mins. recovery.  I led 3rd and 6th one.

42.51 / 42.05 / 42.82 / 41.35 / 42.80 / 42.64

Lower calf wasn't bad at all - maybe adapting or getting stronger.  Felt good in workout, able to run 42's.  Iced and took alleve for lower calf after workout. 

November 12

am: 5.5 miles - 37:11.64.  Ran Riverdale road loop from home this morning.

pm: 7 miles - 46:48.48.   Ran up past Montclair State Univ. to trails and did one loop, and back to work.  Pretty hilly run.

November 11

pm: 9 miles.  SHU: 6 x 600m (1:38) w/2.5 mins recovery.  I led the 2nd and 5th.

1:38.20 / 1:36.34 / 1:36.93 / 1:37.17 / 1:37.17 / 1:33.14

Felt pretty good, lower left calf became irritated again.  Iced and took some alleve before going to bed.


Week of November 4 - November 10: 65 Miles, 7 runs total.  

Had first indoor workouts this week.  They turned out pretty good, not too much speed there, but strength helped a little on Monday.  Overall pretty decent week of training, except lower left calf is a little irritable from the indoor and sharp turns.


November 10

am: 13 miles - 1:22:50.54.  Ran in Maple Shade while Greg played a football league game.  Then it was off to the Philadelphia Eagles football game we went.

November 9

am: 5 miles - NT.   I went down south Jersey visiting Greg Cieslik in Clementon.  I ran around in Delsea at the High School sectional meet.  Was there to watch Cherry Hill East, as his brother Matt coached there.  They finished 6th overall.

November 8

noon: 10 miles - 1:05:55.27.  Met up with Danielle Thornal who is back in town for work.  We ran to the track form my job, just about 4 miles, and did some 200's, with 200 recovery; averaging around 34 seconds.  She is looking really fit, as she is now out with the Farm Team training now.  She is due a great year this year, and has the team-mates to back her up.  If you haven't seen it, take a look at her website - http://www.geocities.com/daniellethornal/

November 7

pm: 10 miles - 1:06:19.39.  Ran around Clifton towards Fleet Feet Store in Montclair, and back to work.  Just below my left calf is still very tender, iced and took alleve last night, need to do the same tonight.  It is definitely from the short turns on the indoor track, that muscle is not used to it yet.

November 6

pm: 9 miles.  Track (SHU) 6 x 400 (60), w/ 5mins rest.

The guys were going 58 seconds for them, this was my first workout like this, I knew 58's would not be easy.  Going into it I set 60 secs. as a time for me.  It was tough, although you fully recover, just getting that spped going was good.  I led the 3rd and last one again, taking them through to watch them just go by me, as I maintain and they pick it up.  61.68 / 59.94 / 60.81 / 61.06 / 60.20 / 57.59. 

November 5

pm: 10 miles - 1:07:43.13.   Ran Fleet Feet loop during lunch at work. A little sore from yesterday, just below the left calf.

November 4

pm: 8 miles.  Seton Hall U.  Indoor track: 6 x 800m (2:15) w/ 3mins rest.

Besides Clinton Bell and myself, we have a new workout partner name Tim Kober, who is a half-miler from Notre Dame (class of 2000), and he ran 1:49 indoors last year..  He is going to help us very much with the speed aspect of our training.  Felt pretty good in first workout indoors.  I led 3rd and last one.

2:14.75 / 2:15.84 / 2:13.63 / 2:13.52 / 2:14.16 / 2:11.83


Week of October 28 - November 3: 75 Miles, 7 runs total.  

Okay week of running, a little disappointed with pickup this week, but two nice sold runs of 10-miler on Monday and 12-miler on Saturday.  Two weeks of steady running, and now time to hit the track next week.  =================================

November 3

am: 13 miles - 1:26:13.27.   Easy run, calves were sore today, so had to run nice and easy and still never felt comfortable. 

November 2

am: 12 miles - 1:12:55.04.  Steady state run, 6mins/mile pace.  Felt pretty good, running just over 6 mins/mile, then 10 and 11th mile dropped it to 5:55 and 5:42, respectively and then back to 6 mins for last mile.  Was pretty much spent when finished.

November 1

am: 10 miles - 1:07:46.47.  Ran out and back along pipeline trails this morning. 

October 31

am: 12 miles - 1:15:31.11.  Ran out to do a 3-mile tempo at 5:20/mile pace.  Bagged it after 2 miles, never felt comfortable, went 5:21, then 5:42, then finished running 6 mins/mile to finish.  Then met Dorian and we ran to the 360m-cinder track in Pompton Lakes.  warmed up just shy of 2 miles and ran a mile in 6:16.98, cooled down back to the house and did 4 x 200 m strides.

October 30

am: 11 miles - 1:13:14.16.  Ran out to Oaklyn along Colfax Ave. to Skyline Drive and back and added on.  Had Dorian run 4.5 miles with Marianne, and we met back and did 4 - 200's in 36 seconds, with 90 seconds recovery.

October 29

am: 7 miles - 47:12.59.   Took Dorian on a 3-mile tempo.  Warmed up 1 mile, then rolled right into it (6:52 / 6:43 / 6:51).  It was 32 degrees out, a little cold for him, but he ran well, and within himself.  Then I had him cool down/jog for 5 minutes, while I ran another 2 and a half miles to complete my run.

October 28

am: 10 miles - 59:39.22.  Tried to go out in 6min/pace and come back faster than went out.  Was able to go out through the first 5 miles in 31:02.54; can came back in 28:36.68.  Took me a little while to loosen up going out, it's going to be a little tougher doing tempo's in morning, than in afternoon, but I'll get used to it. 

I had Dorian run easy 3 miles to shake out his flight from last night, Marianne ran with him as well. (Just got the news this morning that our cross-country regional meet in Aruba has been postponed/cancelled)


Week of October 21 - October 27: 75 Miles, 7 runs total.   Pretty decent week, no knee problems, so hoped that I have kicked that.  I think it was the jump in pace on the track, on the speed days.  Happy with outcome of race on Saturday, wanted to run sub-15mins though.  My nephew Dorian is here for a week, so I anticipate getting some good running in with him on doubles, and he'll cap it off with the AAU Regional cross-country meet in Washingtonville, NY. 

Also a special congratulations to my buddy Jay Donowa, who just won the National cross-country meet, back home in Bermuda.  Keep up the good running!


October 27

am: 15 miles - 1:35:07.50.  Ran in Princeton along the canal path, out past the University.  Nice and flat run out and back to hotel, and felt good to be off the hard road surface.

October 26

am: 9 miles.  5k race - 15:25.  Warmed up 4 miles, took the race out with Mike Walker in 4:53 for first mile, then running alone, I maintained a 4:52 for second mile, and slowed to a 5:05 for third mile.  Felt pretty comfortable whole way. 

October 25

am: 10 miles - 1:06:30.15.  Ran the same run as yesterday along the pipelines out towards Pequannock.  So busy at work, had to run last two days at 6 in morning to work through lunch.  Should be running a 5km tomorrow if all feels well when I wake up.

October 24

am: 10 miles - 1:04:38.25.  Ran out and back along the pipeline trails this morning.

October 23

noon: 10 miles - 57:53.78.  Ran out to track and ran an 800m in 2:09.03, then a bunch of kids from the school came and bombarded the track, so I decided to hit the road and do pick-ups.  Did 5 sets of 2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy.

October 22

noon: 11 miles - 1:06:57.80.  Ran (M.S.U. Loop) around Montclair and Clifton during lunch from work, same as 10/9, averaging around 6 mins/mile. 

October 21

pm: 10 miles - 1:01:10.94.  Ran around Clifton, dropping the middle mile in 5:16.38, then last 2 miles were 5:15.87, and 5:21.29 respectively.  Felt comfortable and knee seems to be okay.  Time to get my butt back in gear!!


Week of October 14 - October 20: 32 Miles, 5 runs total.   Very weird week, although I took time to recover my knee fully, I found myself very tired all the time and de-motivated when not running as much.  It could be the weather change, but in speaking to Doug Cross, he seems to be coming back to, with his injury, so I'm looking forward to getting things rolling again with him.


October 20

am: 10 miles - 1:08:59.12.  Knee feels better, and figured I needed to take the week to try to recover it, as it will be a long year.

October 19


October 18

pm: 7 miles - 48:35.26.

October 17

pm: 5 miles - 33:25.16.

October 16

pm: 5 miles - 32:09.85.

October 15

pm: 5 miles - 34:04.29.

October 14

DNR - outside of knee still feels funny when I pull my leg to my but.  When I do butt kicks fast, I can feel it more.


Week of October 7 - October 13: 49 Miles, 6 runs total.   Not an impressive week, X-C race was kind of discouraging, but just hope I didn't cause any damage running that race.  Hopefully, I can get some good training in next week.


October 13

DNR - Felt a slight twitch in knee when I woke up, not as sore as I thought I was going to be.  But I decided to rest knee and not find out if it was something really serious.

October 12

am: 11 miles.  5km x-c race - 16:45.  Won the race, but the terrain was terrible, running through slush and puddles, it was kind of fun to get back into that real cross country racing.  After going through the first mile in 5:12, thinking I was just sub-5 mins.  It made no sense at all, that the more effort I put in the slower I got, and tireder I got.  So I just tried to run as comfortable hard as I could.  Ran solo, after half-mile mark.

October 11

noon: 5 miles - 33:45.20.  Nice and easy run today.

October 10

noon: 8 miles - 52:49.79.  Track: 8x400 (64) w/ 45 seconds recovery.

64.82 / 64.56 / 64.60 / 64.34 / 64.46 / 64.05 / 64.72 / 62.80, respectively.  Come early spring season, I need to bang out 16 to 20 of these to consider being in good fitness to run a good 5km at Penn Relays.

October 9

pm: 11 miles - 1:04:34.95.  Solid run today, got in a nice rhythm, ran same loop as on 10/1, during lunch from work.  Got last 2 miles down to 11:07.44 (5:37 & 5:30).

October 8

pm: 9 miles.  Track: 800 / 4800 / 800.  Ran the 800 to loosen up in 2:32.12, then took 2 mins recovery, and did the 4800 in 14:52.67, pretty even splits until last lap, I dropped a 67 sec/lap (4:58.04 / 5:00.64 / 4:53.99).  Then I was beat after that, but had to finish off with an 800.  Ran that in 2:37.49.

October 7

pm: 5 miles - 35:25.12.  Ran easy for the most part, ran 3miles with Mar on her regular loop.


Week of September 30 - October 6: 70 Miles, 7 runs total.   Pretty good week, with two solid workouts, except for the dog incident.  Guess I can't complain, I'm lucky to not have been bitten and not running right now.


October 6

am: 13 miles - 1:26:45.98.  Ran really easy today, I am so sore from working on my deck.  Go figure - I guess being in a squatting position drilling and laying planks is something my legs are not used to.  I rested all day and watched football after the run.

October 5

am: 10 miles - 1:09:01.39.  Ran early today, as I am pumped to work on my deck all day.

October 4

noon: 5 miles - 32:56.54.  Ran around Clifton during lunch.  On my way back a dog attacked me.  The owner was blaming it on me for running.  The dog jumped out, while on the leash, and snapped at me, just missing my rear end, and grabbing my shorts and ripping them to shreds.  I was shaken up at the moment; I didn't know what to do, as this dog would have really bit me, had the leash been a bit longer.  So the owner and I get into a debate after I get my bearings back, and he never apologizes.  His significant other came out to offer me money for my torn shorts, and to forget the incident ever happened.  I said all I would like is an apology, he said 'NO", it was my fault.  So I called the police, they came and I filed a report - and the Health Department will now handle it.  Although, that was stupid of me not to take the money for my shorts - but oh well - I guess life goes on; I still have my legs to run!! 

October 3

noon: 10 miles - 1:04:09.07.  Ran up past Montclair State University to Mills Reservation and ran on Lenape trails.  Haven't been up there in a long time.  Legs didn't feel too bad today.

October 2 - Happy B'day to Jay Donawa, Marianne, and myself

noon: 11 miles.  Track: 800 (2:02); 4 x 200's (30 / 30 / 29 / 28)

Woke up feeling a bit home sick, thought I would over come it by lunchtime to run.  But started out run feeling sluggish and not really feeling the distance run, so took a detour and headed to track.  Although the track is just over 4 miles away, and I was supposed to actually workout tomorrow, I feed for speed every once in a while, and knew it could cheer me up a bit, even if it wasn't a solid workout.  Anyway decided to do an 800 at what my body would allow staying in control, and then finish off with 4 x 200's.  Started out with 4 x 100m strides, and then went into it.  Went out in 31, 62.5 through quarter, 600m at 1:32.7, and finished in 2:02.58.  It was pretty even and stayed in control the whole way, never really had to reach, struggle, or dig down.  Took 2.5 mins recovery jog, then knocked down the 200's in 30.26; 30.16; 29.00; and 27.99, respectively, taking 75 seconds recovery between.

October 1

noon: 11 miles - 1:08:30.66.  Ran around Clifton and Montclair during lunch from work, legs are a little tired, but had a nice pace of around 6:15/mile going, and dropped last 3 miles to 6 minute pace or just under.

September 30

noon: 10 miles.  Track: 1x1600, 1x3200m, 1x1600m all with 2.5mins recovery.  Same workout as last week, just dropping pace to 4:55/mile avg.  (1600m - 4:55.74) (3200m - 4:55.00/4:56.21 = 9:51.21) (1600m - 4:54.25).  Felt comfortable with pace, just clicking off 74's, but last mile, I had to dig in the last 2 laps to get back and stay on pace.  Will run easy with Mar tonight to shakeout workout!

pm: 3 miles.  Ran with Mar through Pompton Lakes. 


Week of September 23 - September 29: 62 Miles, 7 runs total.   Had a pretty decent week, two workouts and getting the mileage back up slowly.  Want to get the legs ready for turnover and also build the strength.  The 800's on Thursday were tough, but managed to get through them.  2:15's are a bit too much right now, need to ease into them.  Overall, pretty content with week, and getting excited for upcoming season (with cooler weather) if I can stay healthy.


September 29 - Happy Anniversary to Tom and Big Mar's


September 28

am: 10 Miles - 1:05:32.02.  Ran out and back on trails along pipe line towards Pequannock. 

**Went apple picking today with Mar, out in Warwick, NY (Pennin Farm).  It was so much fun, it was a petting zoo, with apple and pumpkin picking.  Took our little neice Caitlyn and she had a blast.  Now we have so many apples for the two of us!

September 27

pm: 7 miles - 48:36.51.  ran all though Clifton during lunch from work.

September 26 - Happy Birthday Dad

pm: 9.5 miles.  Track: 4 x 800m (2:15 - 2:20) w/ 90 seconds recovery jog.  Went 2:17.98 / 2:19.79 / 2:21.86 / 2:16.93.  Felt pretty tough, had to really work to hit times.  Legs need to be broken-in to faster stuff now.

September 25

noon: 9.5 miles - 1:02:25.35.   Ran to track (4.25 miles) and went right into 4 x 200m strides (30 secs.), with 200m jog (50 secs.). {30.4 / 30.7 / 30.9 / 30.0}, and continued right back into run back to work.  Felt pretty good to open up legs a little, hope calves are not sore tomorrow!

September 24

pm: 13 miles - 1:19:51.72.  ran loop around Clifton / Montclair that the Freider's took Doug and I on.  Picked up last 3 miles coming in at 16:24 to avg. just under 5:30/mile.

September 23

pm: 10 miles.  1x1600m; 1x3200m; 1x1600m.  Ran 1600m in 4:57.00, then took 2 and a half mins recovery, ran 3200m in (5:01.91/4:59.67) 10:01.58, took 2 and a half mins recovery and finished the last 1600m in 4:53.36.

evening: 3 miles.  Ran with Mar through Pompton Lakes.


Week of September 16 - September 22: 47 Miles, 7 runs total.   A pretty good week for recovering.  I figured since I tapered for Philly and didn't get the best out of it, why not see if I could use it in again.  Well with money as an incentive in a race doesn't hurt, either.  Pretty pleased with the week considering.  Nice tempo/pick-up on Wednesday, and then follow with a 5k on Thursday, and a little cash never hurt anyone, either.


September 22

pm: 5.5 miles.  Traveled to Eastover for a wedding this weekend, really nice up there.

September 21

am: 10 miles - 1:02:50.24.  Ran out and back on flat pipe-line trails towards Pequannock.  Went out in 31:56.52, for first 5, and then back in 30:53.72.  Felt pretty comfortable.

September 20

pm: 5 miles - 32:42.54.  Ran around Clifton during lunch, nice an easy to recover.

September 19

Noon: 4.5 miles - 30:12.  Had to go to bank and didn't feel like driving, so went for a little run to First Union and back to work.  Thinking about running a 5km tonight in Denville.  Not the smartest thing to do right now, but I am not racing in flats to save calves, will run it as hard as I can but in trainers.

pm: 9 miles.  Got to race in Denville 15 mins. before start, as I couldn't leave work early.  Come to find out I only had $8 in my pocket, so I ran into Angelo Harasts from the team, and he lent me $10 to register.  My warmup was limited to a mile, and while doing strides ran into Greg Waldron from Rider, as well.  I pretty much led the first mile bringing us through in 4:46, with Aiden Walsh and Kawiso right there with me.  Kawiso came up along side of me and we ran the 2nd mile with Walsh sitting on us.  I was felling pretty good I must add up to this point, we came through two miles in 9:24 (4:42), and just after 2 miles, when I wanted to pick it up, just went backwards.  I figured I reached my limit, so Walsh and Kawiso pulled away (actually they maintained, and I was slowing).  This was like Dejavu, as the same thing happened to me last year.  Doug Cross pulled away from me at the same point.  I ran the last 1.1 mile solo and finished in 15:17. Cooled down 5 miles in just over 6 min. pace.  Overall I was pretty pleased to know I was able to run that (in trainers), after yesterday's workout!  See Results page.

September 18

Noon: 10 miles - 55:11.91.  Ran with Nike Distance monitor today during lunch.  I guess I was a bit anxious to get back out after a disappointing race and missing two days of being sore.  Went out pretty comfortable in 29:09 for first 5 miles, I was going to try to average 6min/mile whole way, but when I turned around, felt pretty good so picked it up a bit, and ran 2nd - 5miles in 26:02.   If only the race was today or in today's conditions.  I felt a little tenderness in my quad's going downhill only, but not as bad as the other days, when trying to walk up and down steps.

pm: 3 miles.  Ran nice and relaxed with Mar in evening after work, she had a pretty decent run.

September 17

DNR - starting to feel better, hopefully will be back out tomorrow in full-force.

September 16

DNR - really sore, can bearly walk on legs.  Would have thought I ran a full marathon?


Week of September 9 - September 15: 38 Miles, 5 runs total.   A little disappointed with my overall performance at the Philly Distance Run.  But as everyone told me, it could have been worse, at least I didn't pull anything by continuing to run to finish on my calves.  I just have to put it behind me, as I fell short of my goal of a sub-1:10, which I would have hit had I felt good as I began to pick up pace going into the last 5km.  I had Catherine Ndereba in my view the whole race, and was about to catch her after I picked up the 10th mile, going into the final 5km until the first severe cramp came and I had to stop for the first time and stretch out the cramps in my calves.  Then with the 3rd time I stopped Marla Runyan went by me as well.  And to top it off with the finish line in sight and about 300m to go, I had to stop one more time to stretch.  Hopefully I can rebound pretty well, and get ready for Cross Country now.  I am looking forward to my next Half Marathon, I know I can run under 1:09!!


September 15

am: 16 miles.  Philly Half - 1:12:08.  On pace up until 10 miles and then cramps in calf's.  Had to stop 4 times in last 3 miles to stretch the out, as I was not stopping that close to finish.  Ran last 3 miles at 6min/mile pace, Humidity got the best of me.  Very hydrated and drank at most of the stations, just don't know how to beat this cramp thing.  Thought the salt tablets had did the trick.

3mile 15:32; 4mile (5:22) 20:54.44; 5mile (5:17) 26:12; 6mile (5:19) 31:31; 10km - 32:38; 7mile (5:26) 36:58; 8mile (5:26) 42:24; 9mile (5:35) 48:00; 10mile (5:14) 53:14; 11mile (6:00) 59:14; 12mile (6:06) 1:05:20; 13.1mile - 1:12:08. 

September 14

am: 3 mile shakeout run with Mar in Pompton Lakes before heading down to Philly.

September 13


September 12 - Happy Birthday to Greg Cieslik


September 11

pm: 6 miles - 37:09.56.  3 x 1600m @ pace.  5:11.82 / 5:11.89 / 5:10.12.

September 10

pm: 6 miles - 36:30.06.  Ran out and back in Pompton Lakes

September 9

pm: 7 miles - 45:30.50.  Ran out to trails and back through Riverdale.


Week of September 2 - September 8: 63 Miles, 6 runs total.   Pretty decent week, winding down for race now.  Had a good workout on Tuesday, no real long run this week, but will get back into the swing of things after race.


September 8

pm: 5 miles.  Ran a nice and easy run through scenic :-) Pompton Lakes with Mar.

September 7

pm: 10 miles.  Ran in Pompton Lakes.

September 6

pm: 13 miles - 1:24:32.84.  Ran loop that the Frieder's took Doug and I on (July 27), during lunch.  Felt pretty good today.

September 5

pm: 13 miles - 1:26:15.18.  Bedminster with Gary and Dom, ran pretty comfortable for the most part, then pressed the last few miles down slowly from roughly 5:45 to 5:15 (approx.), staying comfortable and relaxed.

September 4 - Happy Birthday to Ed (brother)

pm: 10 miles - 1:07:19.19.  Ran Fleet Feet store loop from work.  Legs felt a little tired today, possibly from workout yesterday.

September 3

pm: 12 miles - 1:21:50.92.  Track 8 x 800m w/ 400m recovery (avg.2:15 jog recov) 2:18.40 / 2:21.27 / 2:21.11 / 2:21.30 / 2:22.72 / 2:23.29 / 2:19.04 / 2:17.00.  Cooled down 3 miles with Mar (Marianne) in Pequannock.

September 2



Week of August 26 - September 1: 94 Miles, 8 runs total.   Great week, with 8 runs total and two pretty decent workouts solo.  Vacation is now over :-(   Back to reality!!  Begin taper!!!!  2 weeks out!!


September 1 - Happy Anniversary to Uel & T

am: 16 miles - 1:48:00.18. Ran out (56:00.75) and back (51:59.43)

August 31

pm: 10 miles 1:05:34.26.  Ran out into 35mph headwind gusts (34:38.78) and back in (30:55.48)

August 30

am: 13.5 miles 1:23:11.00.  2x2mile pickups w/ 2.5mins running recovery (10:46.51 / 10:33.69)

August 29

am: 10 miles 1:04:47.94.  Ran out (33:05.38) and back (31:42.56)

August 28

am: 14 miles 1:31:39.12.  L.B.I. Out and back

August 27

am: 10 miles 1:01:27.00.  4 x 1 mile w/ 2mins continuous running recovery (5:20 / 5:09 / 4:55 / 4:49)

pm: 8 miles 51:28.89.  Ran out 4mi 27:29, and back 24:00.  Last mile 5:03.18!!

August 26

am: 12.5 miles 1:22:20.32.  L.B.I.


Week of August 19 - August 25: 100.5 Miles, 9 runs total.   Pretty solid week, good mileage and long run.  Had a good threshold with Doug.  Now am off to vacation, and another solid week of relaxing and running at the beach.


August 25 - Happy Anniversary to Mar & I (1 year)

am: 10 miles 1:06:52.00.  L.B.I. ran out and back along L.B. Blvd.  (Down to Kansas Street.)

August 24

am: 18 miles 1:57:30.08.  Market Basket loop from home, out and back to just before Ramapo HS.

August 23

pm: 10.5 miles - 1:11:14.00.  Ran all through Montclair and Clifton.

August 22

pm: 13 miles - 1:24:47.22.  Ran with Tony Ciocci, Gary Rosenberg, and Doug Cross out in Bedminster on the trails.  Doug and I got down to averaging 5:30's for last 2 miles.

August 21

am: 5.5 miles - 39:00.39.  Ran Riverdale Road loop and added on around neighborhood.

pm: 10 miles.  Threshold w/ Doug.  8000m continuous on the track.  5:12.4 - (5:11.4) 10:23.8 - (5:11.8) 15:35.6 - (5:10.4) 20:46.0 - (5:06.4) 25:52.40. Doug is getting me used to race pace for the half marathon.  I was a bit tired going into last mile, but managed to squeeze it down a bit (was more mind over matter).

August 20

pm: 14 miles - 1:30:47.33.  Ran Broad / Valley Road ext. and added on a little through Montclair.  Worked the hills throughout run, finishing last 4 miles in 22:22.

August 19

am: 6.5 miles - 43:56.23.  Ran out and back on Riverdale Road loop.

pm: 13.14 miles - 1:34:53.00.  Ran with Doug out and back on Trails that run along pipeline through Pequannock.


Week of August 12 - August 18: 72 Miles, 8 runs total.   This week was a huge roller coaster.  Thought I could get it up and going again, but with calf problem came crashing down and wasn't able to.  With the help of Ed's salt tablets, I think I can keep this cramping and dehydration under control. 

Overall, not a total loss of a week; had an pretty good threshold with Doug on Tuesday, and race was to my surprise very good, but with calves, un-intentionally tapered for race a bit, also had a solid long run on Sunday. 


August 18

am: 16miles - 1:45:56.12.  Ran Market Basket loop, and took 45 cents, in case I needed to call Marianne to come and pick me up.   But I felt fine halfway into it, and I was actually able to pick the pace up a bit.  Went out relaxed and was able to get pace down to sub-6min/ mile at end. 

August 17 - Happy Anniversary Ed & Wanda

am: 11 miles.  NYRRC Club/Team 5 mile championships.  As you can see I decided to race as I figured I would test the calves, and try to stay flat footed and not get up on toes, if I could help it.  Went out in 5:05, and teammates Doug Cross, Brian Harris, Hector Rivera, and Gene Mitchell, came up along side of me, and Doug pushed second mile a bit.  I was scared at first and wanting to stay patient, but decided to try to go, staying relaxed, and calves were fine, so I got into a momentum and just kept plugging away.  After Doug's 4:53, 2nd mile, I would just maintain around 5min/ miles the rest of the way.  Splits were 5:05 / 4:53 / 5:02 / 5:09 / 4:58, for 25:07.  We all ran well, Doug and I ran pretty much the same chip time. 

August 16

pm: 5 miles - 36:29.20.  Felt a little better, but had to test it to see if I would be able to race tomorrow.  Calves still a bit sore, but will make up mind later today if it's worth racing or pushing it.  Still taking salt packets.

August 15

pm: 3 miles - 22:09.23.  Couldn't really walk on calves all day.  They were killing me.  Tried to run, but only managed to get 1.5 into it, and came back.  Didn't want to push it.  When I got home, I began taking these salt tablets that my brother Ed had given me to try.  It is supposed to help the body retain water and salt that you loose during runs, and also replace electrolytes.

August 14

pm: 8.5 miles - 58:02.75.  Really hot out today.  Don't think I'll be doing that again, ran at 1:30pm.

August 13  - Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

am: 7 miles - 48:48.14.  Felt a little better, hopefully this is a sign.

pm: 10 miles.  Threshold w/ Doug Cross.  I felt better today; we set out to do 5 x 1600m with 1-minute rest.  I did only 4, as my calves began to cramp up after 4th one.  5:11.57 / 5:12.86 / 5:13.02 / 5:12.46.

August 12

11 Miles.  Ran to track without stopping went right into what I wanted to do was 4 miles of steady running, but got to 2 miles (5:12 / 5:15 = 10:27); and still felt horrible, so I eased off and cooled down back to work 4 miles.


Week of August 5 - August 11: 35 Miles, 4 runs total.  So this week got even worse, had to take off a few days to try to get legs to recover, but still feel horrible.


August 11

10 Miles - 1:09:12.99.  Still not feeling good.  Will try a workout tomorrow to see if I can get things back together.

August 10


August 9


August 8

5 miles - 33:12.22.  Ran nice and easy, as I had no choice, didn't feel good today.

August 7

12 miles - 1:14:38.33.  Went to track and did 2x3200m at threshold pace with 200m recov.(90secs.) (5:10 / 5:09 = 10:19) & (5:12 / 5:02 = 10:14)

August 6

DNR - travelled back to US from Bermuda, and I am so tired. 

August 5

8 miles - 54:28.16.  Felt sluggish once again, but managed to get through it. 


Week of July 29 - August 4: 72 Miles, 7 runs total.   Had a tough week in Bermuda, had a hard time breathing with the humidity so high.  It was 100% humidity everyday in Bermuda, and the temp. Ranged from 89 to 95 degrees as well.  Wasn't able to get any workouts in while there.  Overall not a good week!


August 4

am: 10 miles.  Was tired and heat was killing me, so negged the possible double.  And I thought the US was bad, this humidity is unbelievable.

August 3

pm: 7 miles.  Ran Castle harbor loop (5km loop) with Dorian in 21 mins, then added on with Mar for remainder of run. 

August 2

am: 16.5 to 17 miles.  Wasn't able to use Nike Distance Monitor, as the humidity in Bermuda made it go hay wire, so had to guestimate pace.  It was very humid out during run, had to stop for a water break at about 12 miles into it.  Dorian cycled up with me, after running prior to that, getting ready for the triathlon. 

August 1

am: 10 miles.  Ran backwards 'round the sound' and to boat out on Causeway.  My brother Ed was taking the family out on the boat today for the first day of Cup Match.

July 31

pm: 8 miles - 52:07.16.  Travelled to Bermuda today.  Felt so jet lagged, so ran nice and relaxed "Round the Sound".

July 30

pm: 10 miles - 57:58.47.  It was HOT! Did a tempo before heading home; middle 3 miles I wanted to hit under 5:10.   First 2 miles warmup 13:42, then dropped to 5:39, 5:35 and then 5:02 / 5:03 / 5:12 = 15:17, back up to 5:43, then cooled down 12:00, last 2 miles.  Was exhausted from heat but felt pretty good, staying in control.

July 29

pm: 10 - 1:05:43.54.  Ran Fleet feet loop. 


Week of July 22 - July 28: 71 Miles, 6 runs total.   Had a good week, with exception of taking day off on Wednesday.  Getting body used to longer runs now, 10-mile runs becoming the norm, and legs used to it.  Spoke to Doug, in preparation for Philly Half-Marathon (9/15), I need to begin getting some Threshold workouts in pretty soon, won't make it on just tempo's.


July 28

am: 6.5 - 43:06.12.  had to recover today without taking the day off, so I went to the track to just shake legs out a bit.  I did 6 x 400's in 72/73, with 1min recovery.  Legs were getting stagnant, haven't been doing strides.

July 27

am: 18 miles - 2:01:01.99.  Ran with Elliot, Jonathon and Doug for approx 13 miles.  Then Doug and I picked up the pace (approx. 5:40/mile) a bit for the next few miles.  I kept it going for a little past 16 or so, then I felt a slight twitch in calf, so had to back off, and take it in comfortable.  I think it is due to dehydration and this being my second long run for the week.

July 26

pm: 10 miles - 1:05:06.12.  Ran Valley/Broad Street ext loop reversed.  Felt a little tired in the legs.

July 25

pm: 14.5 miles in 1:31:20.09.  Ran last 10 miles (61.50) getting progressively faster, starting at 6:50 down to last 2 miles in 5:05 / 4:45.

July 24


July 23

pm: 10 - 1:06.13.00.  Ran Broad/ Valley road extention loop.

July 22

am: 12 miles - 1:15:23.55.  Felt pretty good after rest day.  Went out in 39:14.20, and came back in 6min/pace - 36:09.35.


Week of July 15 - July 21: 70 Miles, 8 runs total.  Pretty decent week, with taking a day off.  Started feeling fatigue in the legs, so needed a day to recover.


July 21

DNR - Took the day off to work on my deck, and rest day after two weeks consecutive running.

July 20

am: 10 miles.  Teterboro Airport race.  Was 3rd in 15:56 (OUCH!!).  Race went out slow due to strong head wind, so we hit 5:18 for first mile.  Then Ondieki took over from there on.  I continued in 5:02 & 4:59, for last two miles.

July 19 - Happy Birthday to Mom

pm: 8.5 miles - 1:00:09.88.  Ran nice and easy today, to allow legs to recover.  Ran Clifton H.S. loop.  pretty warm out again today.

July 18

am: 5 - 34:10.94.  Ran around Pompton Lakes.

pm: 7.5 - 46:34.96.  Ran around work thru park, finished last 2 miles in 10:38 = 5:18 & 5:20, respectively.  Need to go easy tomorrow, legs feeling a little tired.

July 17

pm: 11 - 1:09:36.00.  Ran to Brookdale Park and did a few loops in there to try to stay shaded, as it was so muggy running at 3pm today.  

July 16

pm: 10 - 1:08:43.00.  Ran Fleet feet store loop, nice and easy as a recovery run.

July 15

am: 9 - 53:03.37.  Did a 4-mile pickup in 5:20/per mile pace.  (21:23.67).  It was very hot/humid at 11am.  Most of pick-up was uphill.

pm: 9 - 1:01:34.00.  Ran w/ Danielle Thornal, thru passaic loop.  we avg'd 6:49/mile pace. 

*Started taking (1) vitamins today*


Week of July 9 - July 14: 78 Miles, 8 runs total.   Well I found out that my Distance monitor was off, so all my runs are .05 per mile off.  Thanks to Gary and Doug, I would still be working my butt off to run 5min miles for my tempo's.  Pretty pleased with week.  Long run longer than wanted, but felt pretty good on hills.


July 14

am: 10.6 - 1:10:49.08.  Went to track and calibrated monitor, so now it should be correct.  Then I ran thru Pompton Lakes and Wayne.

July 13 - Happy Birthday to Carlos

am: 16.41 - 1:51.15.00.  Ran long run w/ Doug Cross and Gary Rosenberg, from Doug's home (Towaco).  It was a very hilly run, and I'm sure Gary would agree.  I also found out that my distance monitor is off .05, per mile.  Gary had (Fitsense) and Doug (GPS).  Both of theirs were close to what we ran, as I never calibrated mine, so all my prior runs are longer than I have logged in.

July 12

pm: 4 - 28:44.60.  Ran through Pompton Lakes, forcing myself to stay at 7min. pace.

July 11

pm: 11 - 1:08:45.00.  Ran Rockaway 5km race in 15:41. Warmed up 5 miles, and cooled down 3 miles.

July 10

pm: 11 - 1:14:21.00.  Ran reverse Broad/Valley Rd. Ext. loop (10.30/miles). then added on. Averaged 6:44/mile.

July 9

am: 5.5 - 35:46.90.  Ran Riverdale Road Loop.  avg. 6:31/mile

pm: 9.5 - 59:25.87.  Ran to Brookdale park, did 2 mile pick-up (5:00.20 / 4:27.99) = 9:28.19, and ran back to work.

July 8

pm: 10 - 1:05:44.00.  Fleet Feet store loop. avg. 6:36/mile


Week of July 1 - July 7: 73 miles, 10 runs. An okay week with 10 runs total, running with Mar on one, and Todd on another.  Had a tough workout on beach run, and solid long run.  Fun week to get back into it.

** Using Nike Speed/Distance Monitor, some miles may to fraction.


July 7

am: 12.4 - 1:12:51.00.  Breakneck hill loop.  The first half is all up-hill (avg.6:30/mile), then second half is downhill and flat (avg.5:30/mile).

July 6

pm: 5 - 37:27.24.  Ran Riverdale Road loop.  Probably one of the most deserved recovery days I've needed.  I was so sore today.

July 5

am: 7 - 47:36.31.  Ran to Beach and added on a little on board walk.

pm: 4 - NT.  Ran 2mi. beach run in soft sand (13:07.95). w/u and c/d 1 mile

*The most grueling thing I've ever done, you're never settled in the soft sand, as your feet keep sinking in. VERY - VERY - TOUGH!!  Thanks - TODD. Never listen to a lifeguard/swimmer (Todd Sudol), does not know what pain is?  Todd did the surf Ski, swam, and paddled.

July 4

am: 9.5 - 1:03:53.00.  Ran from Jenkinsen's to Manasquan Beach and back.

pm: 5 - 39:55.68.  Ran along beach w/ Todd Sudol (NCAA National Swimmer), graduate of College of NJ, and one of the head life guard's at Manasquan beach.  He is physically strong, as he rolled along in the run on sand, at times I was lagging and had to keep up with him.

July 3

am: 10 - 1:07:41.00.  Ran out and back on trails along pipe line. (very humid)

July 2

am: 3 - 25:19.71.  Ran with Marianne (wife) thru Pompton Lakes H.S. track loop.

pm: 7.1 - 51:26.47. Ran Pines Lake loop thru Wayne (very hot - 92 degrees)

July 1

p.m.- 10 miles in 1:00:46.00.  Steady state run, Broad/Valley road ext. loop. Avg. 6:04/mile.