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Jul - Dec 2004
Jul-5 pm: Ridgewood w/ Gene (52+) 8  
Jul-6 pm: 3 x 1600m w/ 200m jog.  5:04 / 5:03 / 5:01 9  
Jul-7 am: Oakland (ext) and added on..  (1:04:29) 9.5  
Jul-8 am: Riverdale loop (**using Garmin Forerunner 201)  (33:56) 5.25  
pm: Riverdale loop (33:45) 5.25
Jul-9 Treadmill (1:15:45.00) 12  
Jul-10 DNR    
Jul-11 DNR    
Week 28 Trying to get it going again, but lost motivation to stay with it.  These were the last days with the Running Company..    
Jul-12 to Aug-22 Periodic running here and there, spending more time with family and trying to find myself and if I am able to continue running at this level or not..  No workouts but maintained running 2 to 3 times a week - meeting the ASHA group on weekends and running on trails, as I took this responsibility on and decided to finish it.  So obviously, no fall marathon for me, as I am registered for NYC Marathon in November..    
Aug-23 to Sept-19 Running 3 to 4 days a week now, averaging 20 miles a week, nothing serious or workouts, just easy running.. Still meeting Asha group, but not running with them any longer, just there for coaching..